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  1. Ebay shop is.. Coniglio1975
  2. They make them. In thailand now.. Started a bit over 12 mnths ago Get them on ebay! Good hey
  3. Yes..has a big tunnel in it for supra box .. Still could be wider for trimatic....
  4. Sourced all n.o.s tierods/ballljoints,steering bush all the rubbers including the previously unattainable lower control arm bushes
  5. Anyway.. This is roughly where I'm up to atm. Started working on it April this year in my spare time. Pulled motor down 2 weeks ago to rebuild Head is getting mild port Arp 4age short headstuds O ringed block 7afe spool rods Ceramic coated hyperetic cast pistons Rollmaster adj timing chain Block is filled up to welsch plugs with rokblock resin dual valve springs with [email protected] hydro(290 ish advertised) cam 490 thou lift with a wide lsa Probally only rev to 6200-6500 rpm tops No real goal.. A mid 12 or low 12 1/4 mile would be good. It ran [email protected] mph on 145/75/12 inch rims a long time ago..with a 2.2 60 ft.... Was a easy 12 sec car... Apart from that its just a cool old cruiser that i want to putt around in
  6. Found this wilst shifting house a few months back.. Rare?
  7. Gb galant twin master cylinder
  8. Put fake original ex tip on the dumpy
  9. Made a 2.5 inch mandrel exhaust It was biggest i could get through crossmember and rack
  10. I put a autometer ring around eboost 2 so. It looked more like the wiper/starter etc rings. Fitted pushbutton to change microtech dash pages and start drag timer etc
  11. Microtech dash, eboost 2
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