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  1. Yep same deal Yes its just a fun streeter/cruiser,I'm not ruining it by turning into a drag car If i wanted to go fast.. I woudnt use a k motor. I just wanted something different Shoudnt even be laggy at all... Only rev to 6-6200rpm aswell.
  2. Trans was finished january Motors nearly done.. Just need to machine rocker posts and modify 4k trimatic flexplate for 7k
  3. can't imagine a ke10 with 360rwkw Be so scary!
  4. Engine bay sandblasted Got all the primer /paint amd filler to do job.. But its to hot now ffs
  5. Went to drop of shit to mate Heads meant to be stock... But hes coudnt help himself and has started porting it.. 😂
  6. Filled all engine bay holes Mobile sandblaster is coming to do bay next week then hopefully can paint it that weekend
  7. Also car never had a demister/heater so i made a plate which bolts to upper firewall gave it a squirt of wrinkle black and done. The heater cranks.. Got it from a mini shop
  8. Yep maybe.. I'm not bothered..just want to drive it.. Anyway i didnt like how you had to lean over to change gears.. So i got a custom gearknob made for b and m shifter
  9. They make them. In thailand now.. Started a bit over 12 mnths ago Get them on ebay! Good hey
  10. Yes..has a big tunnel in it for supra box .. Still could be wider for trimatic....
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