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  1. bugger..ill.never find a gd galant at a wrecker..lol
  2. what is that fitting called and where can you get them? i need one to cheers darren
  3. yeh remember i was talking to you about them and you said they might be oem? i took a punt and they ended up being koni red adjustables for ke10...i had 3 sets sold one to some ke10 dude other day have one set for myself left and one other set you reckon i could maybe just get some ke10 coil springs made in 4kg and just fit them to strut ? as ive removed leave to fit 7k sump atm.. i don't need a crazy handling car..but don't want spring or shock bottoming out either might just do otomoto sleeve setup otherwise
  4. out of interest..came across this thread parrot has ke20 ones the ke10 version of same koni is 82p-1606 as i had 3.sets of them and one set of kyb's just sold one set cheers darren
  5. have a W55 box with no shifter and a 4age bellhousing $350 no offers so don't try it, thats the price p.m me cheers darren
  6. I have as steampipe 4age/4agze manifold for sale It has a merge collector like a 6 boost manifold It is TD0 pattern, so it fits all wrx Vf series turbos, it also fits all TD turbos from TD04L up to t67-25G 8cm..so it covers 280hp up to 550-600ish hp. It has a provision also for a tial v band 38mm wastegate Clears cars with CAS senders, not sure it wil fit cars with dizzy and intake might be to close, so its perfect for 4agze converting to turbo Has to be used with a oil filter relocation kit as runner number 2 just touches a standard filter located in s.a, will post, p.m me for photos cheers darren
  7. Yep..same should be australias(worlds?) most powerful k When done!
  8. people go over the top with fuel lines..a single 8mm line will feed 350+rwkw easily.. cheers darren
  9. Nice power NA...mine made that with i think 12psi of boost from memory..be a mid 13 sec car with traction..haha cheers darren
  10. I have 1 x pair of kyb kc2005 n.o.s ke10 front strut inserts $300.00 pair 2x pair of koni 82R 1606 n.o.s ke10 front strut inserts $350.00 pair in s.a, will send interstate i can't get anymore after this, took me lots of ground work to find p.m me if interested cheer darren
  11. Definitly interested...been waiting yrs and yrs for someone to make them...! cheers darren
  12. thats cool, goodluck with keeping it together haha cheers darren
  13. lol at cheat85, its not cheating at all. you'd be a idiot not to use it if you can.... cheers darren
  14. 90rwkw ish runs 100-ish mph traps in a ke10 at stock weight ..easy for 13's cheers darren
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