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  1. Daisy on Hot4s cover atm, really surprised.
  2. Thanks mate, i appreciate the feedback.
  3. Looks great , engine bay turned out really good. Likeing the wheels too !
  4. Yeah already lsd but a little worn out,
  5. Hi guys, havent updated much on the rolla for a while. Made it on the cover of Fast Fours magazine this month which is cool. Very happy with the feature and with pics, havent done any new mods for a while but ill be changing diff ratios soon and Lsd.
  6. Hi what size are they and were are you located. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys, the radiator is also out of an Honda S2000 its a Koyorad aftermarket radiator.
  8. Thanks mate, the hardest part would be the modified cross member as i had to space it down and notch a section out aswell as custom mounts obviously. Also the modified tunnel to fit the s2k gearbox which is tall. I ran it on the dyno at a show and it made 125 rwkw
  9. Thanks guys I'm really happy with the way its turned out. Ive had alot of help from the boys in my club and from good mates that helped me all the way.
  10. It will fit but you need ke55 speedo cable as its different to ke30
  11. Just saw your reply, ill buzz u tomorrow Gavin. Thanks
  12. Small update on the rolla fitted a few suspension bits from the states. Negative camber roll center adjusters and adjustable heavy duty control arms which are a work of art. Also Selectnine did a photo shoot of the rolla for THE-LOWDOWN.COM which should be featured in the near future. I also tried on some R34 Gtr rims on for fun and to my surprise 18x9 fit in the rear but fronts were way off.
  13. I'm selling 2 x ke55 dash cluster facia. They are in good condition I'm located in sydney and u can contact me via pm on here. Price $20 each
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