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  1. Hi, from Uruguay this is my TE27

    Awesome, nice find, following with interest.
  2. Matts Ke30......sr20det

    Thanks mate! Entered the Powerplay thats on 12th of May. 3 weeks to do a bit of prep, I'm halfway through changing my oil catch can, water overflow, and making a puke tank for the gearbox. Also wired in a new wideband but need to paint and assemble the little bit of the dash where the heater used to be.
  3. BLZBUB has another 4AGE.

    Welcome back mate.
  4. Ls1 into ke36 wagon diff ??

    The earliest hilux diffs are the shortest, rn10 is the first i think and they only get longer from there. From memory the rn10 diff is only slightly longer than the factory diff in a ke30. They are rare because of their age.
  5. Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

    That's awesome, the factory creamy colour looks really good on the cage.
  6. Matts Ke30......sr20det

  7. Matts Ke30......sr20det

    It was heaps of fun, pretty cool having a passenger in with as well. I only did it because my car isn't teched yet for drags but i think i will keep going back, so many runs in one night only 10min lining up max for each run.
  8. Matts Ke30......sr20det

    I had the head off this last week as it was lifting under full boost. After a bit of research it turns out that arp have revised the torque specs of the head bolts since i assembled the motor. From 70ftlb to 90 ftlb because of heads lifting under higher boost. So i got the head skimmed but it was pretty mint anyways, and put it back together with a tomei 1mm head gasket, and 90ftlb. I also took a good look at the cam timing and made some changes. Problem solved no longer pushing coolant under high boost, but a big rush putting it back together to get to the last roll racing event of the year. So i was completely unprepared and probably shouldn't have gone, but it turned out to be a really good night, even though i was constantly fixing things. Thermo fans didn't work, so it got hot after the first race. Fixed that. Air filter was blocked, so removed that, then made a dodgy oil can can out of drink bottle supplied by a couple of cool blokes from Schneider- fully sponsored. Fuel pump fuse holder melted, bad joins in the holder need to find a better design. Fixed that with sticky tape. Flicked off the fan belt because water pump pulley had started to come loose. And blew off a cooler pipe. But all that aside the car was faster than its ever been, it hooked up better than i ever could have hoped. The change in cam timing has made a difference, it was really moving. Was in the last 6 cars in elimination, had to race a vl that i had already raced earlier, it was next level to my car, it had about half a car length between us across the line. Vids to come
  9. Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

    Cool nice work, the bit you made up looks neat as.
  10. Matts Sr20de Ke25

    I just found someone linked this thread, so i read through it like i was reading it for the first time, brings back memorys! it stops 8 years ago so some update. On the 5k efi thing the old microtech screwdriver computer was never the problem, it ran well for days and them suddenly ran like rubbish. I ended up ditching the efi because i needed the car to drive. I found out years later it was just the fuel pump relay had died, i went to use it for something else and it didn't work, how i didn't find that at the time beats me. I never did put an sr20 in it, i no longer needed the car for transport so it went into storage in the back of the shed for 4ish years with no engine or gearbox in it. About 3 or 4 years ago i needed a cheap to run car as my supercharged pajero is pretty thirsty, the local project i was working on was about 45mins away and i had to carry no tools. so i pulled the ke25 out of the shed, i bought a 4k engine and 5speed off a forum member and it has been my daily driver ever since, for the duration of that project the car was crazy economical, i would drive 1 1/2 hrs a day and fill the car up (30ish litres) just under once a foughtnight. Recently it doesn't run so well, needs basic maintainence, it may go back into the shed soon though as i will need a van for work soon. Here is a pic i just took off it sitting out the front, lawn needs a mow!
  11. ke25 custom drag link

    Ah ok fair enough, i would look at modding the sump if possible, its usually the easier way to go. Post some pics up if you like
  12. ke25 custom drag link

    What engine?
  13. Matts Ke30......sr20det

    Thanks mate! I have no doubt at all that a car as light as yours could run a 10sec pass on the 205s with the right setup. They last a long time on light cars too, i have been using the same pair all of these years.
  14. Matts Ke30......sr20det

    I am really happy with the setup, nothing hektic about the drive at all. Tyre is a 225/50/15 drag radial bfg. A 24" tire. I'm really suprised how well they are hooking so will make it my goal to run a 9 on this tyre before i inevitably go to a 26" tyre. Previously i was using a 205/50/15 drag radial mt 23.5" tyre was quite amazed how well they hooked as well for such a small tyre.
  15. Matts Ke30......sr20det

    Working towards what i need for tech, and some added things i would like to do. I've just ordered some cheap ally tanks off ebay to modify, going to 1.5l oil catch can, and a 2l water overflow. I'm going to add a gearbox puke tank as well but can't find a shape i like, or a price i like so will probably make that one from scratch. Also been shopping for a c4 scatter shield, the problem is i don't really want to pay for one then find out it doesn't suit my tunnel and have to cut it up. my cable pull faces up on the gearbox so may have to change that as well.