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  1. Its good after the initial launch it doesn't stay up like that for a long time, it goes really straight so a very easy drive at this stage. I will try to get hold of some video it looks tame i just hope that continues as i put a bit of extra power into it.
  2. I'm amazed how just that alone made such a massive difference. My handling before this was a bit as you described a bit jumpy really, i didn't realize how bad it was until i did this change. Parachute is 140mph+ so i can avoid that but trans sheild, cage tech, 5pt harness and a few other things have to happen now. Too much $$$ for me atm so it wont be for awhile.
  3. 10.2 @ 128 1.45 60ft. Best 60ft of 1.42 We set up the Caltacs when we got there with me in the car, didn't have to touch them the car went dead straight and launched hard all night. It unsetttled a few times when i hit third so had to get off it, thinking i need a decent size water catch can. Did 5 runs 4 of them were 10s. Need to get all ihra teched now, add a bit of boost and run a 9
  4. Been a long time since i posted in this thread. Converter is working really well, my logs show around 1000rpm drop on the shift at 8k so the converter is perfect. I'm Heading to the drags tomorrow, doing a private session from 230 then the race ya mate at 430. I have been down there twice in the last few months but had some issues to sort out. Boost control, timing, bad starts and a lack of traction. Even a flat battery. I have done a lot of learning on the traction issue, one of the key things is to have a minimum of 5" of uptravel in the front. My car had 50mm at best. So i have changed things around, I'm a heap closer to standard ke30 struts now, the car drives and handles a heap better, and has over 6" of uptravel at the wheel. The result for traction has been a big improvement. In the same situation where it would spin before, it now hooks really well. Last time i was racing i had the transbrake working but no 2 step so a decent launch was impossible, as without a constant Rev it would either bog down or kill the tyres. 2 step now works a treat, will start around 4500 and go up from there. I run a 225 50 15 drag radial on the rear of this car everywhere i go, it's a 24" tyre, the next step up from there is a 26" and there is nothing in between. I'm hoping the tyre hooks tomorrow but have my doubts.
  5. It sounds like you have lost power on the resistor circuit to the coil. Check fuses under dash, check resistor (white ceramic thing beside coil).
  6. ke30

    If you have rolled the lips 225 40 17s fit with heaps of room to spare. In a 17 a 245 would fit, the problem is that the wider you go the overall height increases so getting a low enough profile is impossible. Note a 245 would probably not fit in a 15 because of the belly of the tyre. Not sure how a custom diff helps unless you are getting it made specifically for one pair of wheels, if you are, get the tyres fitted first to help with dummy up and leave some room on the inside for articulation.
  7. Nice pickup, welcome back to rollas
  8. Your best bet would be to advertise for an OK set, and get them straightened, some of those paintless dint guys can do it. Try pm member corollaandy on here, he had quite a few sets, worth a try.
  9. keen, will bring the ke30, happy to take people for a lil drive as well if it interests anyone.
  10. my morning is full, i can join up after lunch. Any gravel in that loop, a bit soft but my green car doesn't do gravel, can bring the blue one instead though if required.
  11. Most people use the r32 5 speed gearbox and put the ca18 front bellhousing onto it. R32 gearbox is stronger than r31 and moves your gearlever position 50mm in the right direction, this is the same amount that an r31 gearbox gives you. It is just enough to clear the floor brace in a ke30. I am not sure in a ke20.
  12. Sorry missed this, yep all fixed, goes well and is ready to roll.
  13. Cool, presents tidy as, plus a turbo under the bonnet is a bonus.
  14. Ok cool, hope it goes well for you, firepit looks cool. So I'm guessing hilux?