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  1. Ok cool, hope it goes well for you, firepit looks cool. So I'm guessing hilux?
  2. Yep, i have saturday arvos free atm. Turbo off atm but my car will be back together next week i would think.
  3. Interesting are you going to be doing mate? Whats your trade?
  4. Valve springs is pretty likely, especially if the engine sounded OK when it fell on its face. Depending on the boost you are running usually seat pressure Is the issue. I had that problem with my car, it was really hard to find springs that aren't mega overkill, mazworks for example had springs that were more than twice the pressure at full lift than what was required. I ended up with performance springs as well as they offered a set that was spot on what i was chasing.
  5. Auto changes things a fair bit, it makes the car whole lot faster and crazier skids. it certainly does point the car way more towards drag racing though, and with a high stall can limit usefulness at the circuit track. I can't remember but if you're in qld I'd be happy to take you for a spin in mine.
  6. You can use the standard tank if you like, e85 is a great cleaner so make sure the tank is really clean before you use it or all the junk will end up in bad places. I would probably do the kbs tank liner, but that's up to you, if the tank is clean it will be fine without it.
  7. Looks really good. It will do 315 quite easily, just depends how much boost you decide to put in.
  8. I'm keen, really busy lately hopefully make it. Maybe post this up in another section to find a bit more site traffic?
  9. With your wheel bearing method of tightening you should probably do your first drive then recheck for play. Its good to see how often you get out in this I prob get out once a fortnight atm due to alot happening at once, more frequent soon i hope.
  10. I have never raced one before but it says you get the first 2 hrs as practice then racing after that. I'm told that you get a lot of runs as less people than tnt.
  11. I'm seriously thinking about doin the street meet on sat night, it costs an extra $5 for the day licence but forecast is ok i think. Your car would prob do e well in the racing so might be a bit of fun.
  12. I am keen mate, have been waiting for the forecast to improve for a few weeks now. Its not that bad really, but still not worth driving 2 hrs to have it rained out. I noticed there are quite a few on about mid this month so will be at one of those. A bonus too the weather is just starting to cool down so that will help your time a lil bit.
  13. Wow that is fantastic.
  14. Thanks mate i will try that, hopefully get to read some updates.