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  1. Thanks mate, yeah I'm very happy with it. Just about to go through a bit of a rebuild. Rings, real main seal and altinator are about to give out on me. Going to get that done + a few other things. May see you on the streets, otherwise hit us up if your ever keen to have a look or go for a cruise
  2. Hey Banjo! Thanks for the welcome. It's in very good condition and jumped at the opportunity when I had seen the ad for it. You are right, it came from a old couple that had bought it brand new. Unfortunately his wife passed away and had to go to a nursing home, so I bought this off him in good will to take care of it. 130k on the clock when I bought this beast. But only done 2.5k since the 7 months of owning it. Very keen to be apart of the rolla journey as they are definitely becoming a thing of the past. Sounds like your've had the joy of going through a couple of variants of the k series. Definitely a model I have not seen in person yet. But always great to hear they are still kicking. Yeah, rust is definitely not my friend. But Ive been pretty lucky in terms of how little I have. Left rear quarter panel in the wind screen seal area has a hole that had been eaten by the rust. Actually working fixing that at the moment, as you are right. I live on the Sunshine coast Qld and salty air is definitely not helping. ( I'll put a pick up of before shots - already started working on it ) fortunately it's really the only major rust problem I have. Everything else is slight surface rust from stone chips. Even under body and boot/ wheel well is clean. I mean it not near perfect bloody defiently lucky. Always in the garage but is a daily at the moment. ( My first car + a family car ) Misses car is under going insurance claim as someone ran into it parked out the front. Weeks of pain trying to get them to hurry up. Thanks again mate KeYella
  3. Hi all, I have this nice beauty of a car, good old ke55 4 door sedan. Nice Toyota yellow with a mint condition interior. 4k-c engine with k40 gearbox. Been doing my own bits and pieces here and they're. Plus some added mods to give me classic extra grunt that is so much needed. So far I have - converted the the front grille from square to round plus added in some 7" Halo's wired up to my parkers. I'd bought the grille 2nd hand and gave it a good clean and paint. Plus remove/ fix dents and polish the chrome. - Added a set of 15" pos 8+ rims for style and over killed the tyres by getting bridgestones re003. Oh well. - next went with 4-1 extractors to 1" 3/4 straight through exhaust system. Sounds mint and not over powering in noise. Little crackle, and nice hum. - purchased 32/ 36 bolt on Spanish Webber carby + plytronics stage 2 electric dizzy and firebreather coil ignition. - bought to do, timing chain plus gears, crank pulley, re-ground camshaft ( not overkill on the cam) rear main seal, altinator, fuel pump and some other minor touches. Few in betweens in this process was Converting 5k thermostat lower and upper housing back to 4k housings plus new thermostat and temp sensor. ( Issue still tho, is I am getting a temp gauge reading of hot) guessing it's to do with the resistor in the dash. Haven't fixed yet. Using my infrared thermometer every run I do. Complete service, fuel filter, oil filter, plugs, leads etc etc Heres a couple photos of what I have so far looks wise. will add more of everything soon (engine bay, exhaust system etc) plus whatever is to come. Will need a bit of insight on a few others things I'm in the process of doing at the moment. But will post photos with questions when it comes round.
  4. Thanks for the feedback altezza, Yeah I'll do that and get a good idea of wear it sits. Might even invest in a infrared thermometer for future ordeals. Yeah, that's what I'm trying to avoid. Even tho 4k aren't the worst to deal with (rebuild wise) I still want to avoid having to do that. Haha Possibly a resistor issue to the gauge aswel? Will run a few tests over the next few weeks, but start with getting the right temp reading. Thanks again for the help. Will be hanging around or creating a discussion in the future. Ever interested in the car I'm restoring, I have a page going for it on Instagram for people to follow or check out. Toyrolla81
  5. Hey all, love the read and info flowing in this thread! But I have a situation of my own that's starting to rattle my brain. Recently bought into the rolla game, having found myself a beautiful old ke55 in very good condition, inside and out. Having now owned it for a few month and been tinkering around doing bits and pieces, I've come across bit of a pickle. Was trying to get the temp gauge working again (never worked when I bought it) I was replacing the sender to only crack the upper housing! (Think it had a hairline fracture in it or I might of over tightened just) it had a 5k thermostat housings used on a 4k engine and no thermostat in it. I'd made friend that had been playing around and working on rollas most of his life and luckily enough had spare lower and upper housing for a the thermostat and restored it back to the 4k thermo housing aswel. So I replaced the temp sender, installed a new thermostat (tested thermostat and it opens) wacked it all together and slapped it on the car. Reconnected one of the temp gauge wire (had 2 sender's and wires on the 5k housing, not exactly sure why) and started her up. Crappy enough, she worked but didn't stop till it reach hot on the gauge. Did the old put hand on radiator cap to see if it was actually running hot, and nup. Warmed the hand but no scalding. So with a new sender, thermostat 82deg to suit (that opens aswel) and the rad not actually getting hot. I'm kind of lost. There is one more thing I am going to try to be safe and pull the sender out and dip it into a cup of hot water, roughly heated to 85deg and see if the gauge goes all the way up. But that about the last thing I can think of. Any other ideas before I install a new vdo gauge? Oh, and I'm try to keep the car original as possible, with only fair light mods. So would prefer complete working dash. Many Thanks
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