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  1. Man that really sucks! Such a pita, really hope to see it all sorted soon.
  2. I have tried qbond for various things, many people claim that it is just super glue with a filler material like baking soda to fatten up the join. It does pretty much act in this way, like super glue it only seems to stick to certain things really well, it needs a porous surface as well to have any chance of sticking. A friend of mine uses a soldering iron to fix motorbike farings, he cuts strips of old farings to use as filler material, the result is strong, although I have never seen him do the work to know how he goes about it. Might be worth googling.
  3. My Bros disappearing act was better! Although his didn't drive out of there 😲 his skid was 3rd gear and 27psi, mine 1st gear and 18psi, I wasn't so keen to kill a pair of drag radials. Tech has been sadly not progressive at this stage, been going to shows and stuff but no track at all since the rebuild. I put full boost back in last weekend, and was on my way to off street drags but the gearbox had a leak, turns out it's from behind the pump so have to pull the box now 😭. Bought 4 new Bosch 2200cc to sort the injector problem, and have been doing run in for awhile on just 18psi.
  4. Wow taking it that much fuel out is a big deal, nice work will be good to see the results. Do you mean psi for the pressure?
  5. Cheers men, I'm real happy with it. Garage is a mess, using the excuse will clean up once it's going 😁 So tried to start it, couldn't find the charger for the dirty old shed laptop. Ended up half flat battery and dug up the charger, no rpm signal on the screen. Checked cas, had a wire pulled out. Fixed that, car started and set the timing up properly. Down a cylinder though. Bit of checking stuff and it turns out one of the Bosch 2200s is seized up. My own fault, I never let them sit for more than 3 weeks without putting them in a jar of petrol, this time I left them for 3months! It takes 5 minutes to pull them out 🙄 Anyways, it has been soaking all week and hasn't freed up yet, so yep, 4 cylinders is barely enough, 3 is just sad.😌
  6. Nearly there, battery is a bit down on charge so no start today. Finished that steering wheel too, looks mint. Repco stock this zinc stuff, so put some in the oil to help the cams bed in Beer That is all, maybe start tomorrow.
  7. Getting there been doing too much mtb and not enough assembling car. New crossmember made and painted Scratched up the firewall installing the engine, so got the scratched up bits in undercoat. Got brake booster reconditioned cos it no longer worked, and got it in undercoat today. Also been fixing up a factory steering wheel for my bros hr, got it in undercoat today after fixing all the cracking Have started installing the new carpet in the front, i actually put some silver insulation stuff under it this time Shifter mounted up on the brand new tunnel. New tranny coolers required, i made the old one from a wrx radiator, apparently couldn't handle the 30ish psi line pressure. Brand new cams and rocker arms so redid the shims, took ages but they are good now. Installed a wall rattler in the shed too as the humidity here has been crazy, it works really well, its a pretty big unit.
  8. Excellent, so close to have it working again! 👌
  9. So good mate, nice work, it looks insane! A bit jelly as mines still a week or two off
  10. Welcome mate, I'm on the sunny coast as well. That's a rare thing in that condition you've done well!
  11. Put the pics up! Probably best the keep the car road legal, at least you can use it then. Allowed up to around a 2.4l engine with a turbo. The barra is probably one of the hardest conversions to choose for this car, it can be done but as above post plenty of easier options.
  12. Great to have an update looking good. Great to see its all still progress and fun times.
  13. That is pretty awesome, keep the updates coming as you work on it, looks great in those pics.
  14. Nice work, nice old rola out and about. Not sure if this is what you mean, i have polished a fair few plastic headlight lenses, they come out like new. Same process as polishing wheels really. Sand with course paper 120 grit dry if they are bad enough to need it, or finer if they not too bad. Then work down to 800 wet. Then use buffing compound for 2 pack paint and a sander/buffer with foam pad for paint, coarse compound then fine grit, they come out like new.
  15. Lol yep would love to! Just went to jamboree a week or two ago was pretty awesome and inspiring, maybe even an unpredictable change to the car coming in the distant future will see.
  16. Cheers, tech is for the bracket of 10.5 to 8.5. Modern cars with 4 wheel disk and an airbag can go 10.0 without tech though. Parachute required at 140 mph so i won't need that for a little while yet.
  17. Thanks mate, 38 amps, start around 28 if you're still getting the hang of it as you need to move quick at that level. I run a short tungsten and short back to get in the tighter spots, need a decent helmet mostly as it still needs to work in awkward pistons half blocked.
  18. While i have the engine out of the car i decided it's time to fit the scatter shield to the gearbox. No chance, no room. My tunnel is stocko except for the bellhousing area that was slightly modified. So yeah the right time to create the clearance required while the motor is out. So that's where I'm up to.
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