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  1. Clapped out

    found machine shop, where to find pistons

    that's the wrong head for that bottom end, with a shallow chambered head will make it run better, cheers!
  2. Clapped out

    5K Head Identification

    if its got flat top pistons, good chance its just a normal chambered head, cheers!
  3. Clapped out

    Heater hose

    if all else fails, ive got a few good ones here, cheers!
  4. Clapped out

    found machine shop, where to find pistons

    Pretty much rule of thumb, if there is no lugs under 1 & 4 plug holes, flat tops are the go. Or unless your head has had a few mm milled off? cheers!
  5. I'm glad they're utilising them still, I guess I'm part of the problem, considering years ago you couldn't get squat for them and dumped them by the truck load, and its good that you guys are still acquiring them!!!
  6. Clapped out

    4K Crankshaft pulley

    Here in aus usually 4/5k's had them, and are interchangeable being the same crank, earlier 3k's had them around the world due to air conditioning, unsure of the 7k's, cheers!
  7. Not sure if anyone here still screws around with 4k's in general, is it me or are they drying up? Considering the amount of corollas that used to be on our roads, plus in the vans, and engines imported into the country, i'm finding it difficult to locate almost anything in any condition. I realise they're pushing 40 years old, What are your thoughts? Does anyone know of a mysterious mountain of them that i'm yet to discover? ha ha! Cheers!
  8. Clapped out

    Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    I know this sounds lazy, when I had mine, I just took the car to a carby shop, labour cost $400 plus parts (10 years ago), they tuned it perfectly, had power right through the rev range, no fowling of plugs, and never touched the carbies again for as long as I had the car. Cheers!
  9. Clapped out

    Ke55 Ke70 Stock steel wheel!

    As the title states, just after a standard 13" factory steel rim, don't care what it looks like, don't need a tyre, as long as its useable. Cheaper the better! willing to pick up throughout Brisbane, cheers!
  10. Clapped out

    Ke30 2door

    Where abouts you located?
  11. Clapped out

    towbar for KE55 wanted

    where abouts you located champ?
  12. Clapped out

    Ke20 Tail Lights

    Yeah their parts seem good, bought a few things off them in the past, never had an issue.
  13. Clapped out

    Ke55-S Xx Coupe

    Any updates?
  14. Clapped out

    What Coolant

    Anything green, don't go for the red stuff as it eats out copper, brass and solder in older cars cooling systems, cheers!
  15. Clapped out

    Ke30/55 diff, 13 inch 4x114.3 wheels

    Got some stock ke55/70 wheels, can part with a set of (14" I know") mags for the right price. Also have a ke55 diff, although no drums, axles nor backing plates.