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  1. Cheers for that banjo, as stated above with the scoop/ducting route i guess.😃👍
  2. I certainly did think of going down the scoop/ ducting route, and I think it's a great idea although I'm going to brainstorm the thought and hopefully come up with a workable solution with what I have.
  3. I should have been a little more detailed with the heat soak issues, my bad, the problem isn't with the engine running hot or outside it's normal operating temperature, the issue lyes with the hot side of the engine, with the heat generated by the turbo, it transfers the heat to the carburettor and associated pipe work due to positioning of the turbo so close to everything.😩 It practically boils the petrol in the fuel bowl once turned off and sitting. I've tried to eliminate the issue by an isolating switch to the fuel pump so I can run it dry of petrol before the engine turns off, seems to help a great deal. Ah yes, the hose that connects to the front of the sump is the oil drain line from the turbo, the hose from the water pump is the turbo coolant return line, the feed line I've tapped into the top radiator hose water outlet.😃 The distributor side of things is just a standard 5k electronic distributor, I've removed the weights and wired the mechanical advance shut so it's constantly set at 8degrees. Nothing flash here that's for sure.🤣🤣 And in saying that, I've had to run much colder range spark plugs in order for it to run right whilst operating under boost, that certainly wouldn't be helping with hot starts either.😩 And yes, the thermo fan is wired to a temperature switch located in the lower thermostat housing, turns on and off with the ignition. Cheers.👍
  4. Hi banjo, cheers for the kind words and appreciation!! Yes, I practically done everything myself (with the help from the wife and a great mate) from paint and panel, tinting windows, suspension, mechanical, interior etc just to prove to myself that a budget build could be accomplished. One thing I can't take credit for is the turbo fabrication, I bought the setup already done and just improved on it. Yes, unfortunately I had to remove the engine fan due to the drain line from the turbo, if I could have kept the original engine fan and shroud, I certainly would have as I find they are way more efficient in keeping engine temps down to a normal level. The complete braking system is from a ke55 and isn't the native system normally in the early ke30's, don't get me wrong, it's certainly tight in there for a ke engine bay. I run the tefba filters on all my cars, in my opinion they're Fantastic and do a great job, never had an issue in the last 20+ years using them. They catch crud that I never thought would have been in there. Na, I'm not a plumber by any means, just a tight arse that doesn't want to spend money.🤣🤣 I've added a few pictures to help explain.
  5. C Cheers mate, I really appreciate your comment!👍👍 don't get me wrong, it's no race car, although it's really opened up the little 4k, torque has improved dramatically, revs as it should with no hesitation or miss firing in the top end of the rev range, only issue is heat soak is a major problem, if I drive it anywhere I've gotta keep it parked up for at least an hour once turned off otherwise I've got no hope in starting it.😩😩😩
  6. And just like that, it's finished, slight change of plans on a few things, been on the road now for almost a year, and took 6 months of "trial and error" to get it to finally run as it should!
  7. Ive had to replace part of the passenger side chassis rail, and at least half of the drivers side due to rust, and its had a really hard hit in the rear before as I measured 15mm thick bog in places, although yes, it will see the road and not the scrappers! Just a stock standard 4k, i'm led to believe its not that long since rebuild although appears to have been caned by the amount of blow by its producing! lol! That to me is awesome, i'm not holding my hopes too high as I don't want to be disappointed!! I will upload pictures of the engine when I get a chance to show you guys the mods that someone has made to the sump!! Cheers for everyones interest!!! Great motivation!!!
  8. Yeah taz, the motor I'm using is pretty much stock standard, going to lock the dizzy and that's about it really. Obviously I'll throw a set of rings and bearings through it at most! Kickn5k, That sounds encouraging, although I will be mega happy with anything 60hp+ at the wheels!😁😁
  9. Hi taz, I'd totally agree with you on that one, it is small, and yes, a ct12. Although it is a budget build and I've got it sitting around doing nothing so might as well use it, the motor I have for this car has everything plumbed for it. Keep costs down!😂😂😂😂
  10. While I was at it, I decided to fish out an intake and some wheels I've got sitting around, what you guys think?😂😂
  11. Heya guys, Really appreciate your input Matt, will keep those pictures coming!😊😊 Not too much of an update guys, managed to put in a pedal box and steering column, also fished out a handbrake lever and got that side of things sorted!
  12. Hiya fellow rollaclubbers! I've had a passion for ke30's for almost 20 years now, and thought I'd post up my slow going project!😂😂 I acquired this old girl 5 years ago, after being on chassis stands for that time, it's finally rolling again! So, the aim for this old girl, recycle and reuse the various shit loads of parts I have in my possession, and keep the build cost to an absolute minimum! This isn't going to be any show winning car, just a tidy driver! Story so far, All freshly painted underneath, engine bay! All new suspension bushes, shocks, springs, wheel bearings, running a 4.3 Borg Warner diff up back! That's it for now, stay tuned!
  13. if its got flat top pistons, good chance its just a normal chambered head, cheers!
  14. if all else fails, ive got a few good ones here, cheers!
  15. I'm glad they're utilising them still, I guess I'm part of the problem, considering years ago you couldn't get squat for them and dumped them by the truck load, and its good that you guys are still acquiring them!!!
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