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  1. Hi all. I was hoping to get some help on this. I'm trying to follow the upgrade guide on here https://www.rollaclub.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ke10_Disk_Brake_Conversion There's no info I can find about which KE70 discs to use. Can anyone shed any light on this? Or have measurements from their own KE70 discs they fitted? So far I have KE55 GIRLOCK backing plates & calipers I bought from OZ some years back when on holiday. I'm in NZ Still need to sort KE70 Hubs and Rotors Thought its about time I sort out the KE70 parts for this upgrade I've checked with a wrecker of old Toyota parts, he asked which model KE70, IDK... I've done some checking and there seems to be multiple rotors listed for the KE70. So far I've got 3 numbers that come up from Toyotas own listings. But no specs. 43512-12100 (79-83) 43512-12070 (79-83) 43512-12190 (83-87) Managed to find some info from aftermarket part#s DI-212 (228.4mm OD, 32mm Height, 11.5mm Min, 12.5mm Max) $16euro each https://spareto.com/products/japanparts-brake-disc/di-212 DF1915 (229mm OD, 31.5mm Height, 64mm ID, 11.5mm Min, 12.5mm Max) https://spareto.com/products/trw-brake-disc/df1915 (These 2 might be listed for the 79-83 years) DF7533S (81-88) $52.45+ea Size: 218mm OD, 64mm ID Hole, 11.5mm Min , 12.7mm Max, 30mm Height) and found this listing for KE55 DI-218 (217.6mm OD, 30.3mm Height, 9mm Min, 10mm Max)https://spareto.com/products/japanparts-brake-disc/di-218 Any info would be appreciated! Thanks 🙂
  2. I'll take the 10 over the new model any day :D
  3. Are you still wrecking the KE55?
  4. A quick spray with decreaser or brakleen would do if it's much of a concern. Slow post would do fine. But I'm def after these now 100%. I've managed to source ke70 discs on hubs & calipers recently. They'll arrive this coming week. Just need the KE55 components and I'll have the upgrade parts sorted. I'm considering coming over to Oz to see family with the idea to gather some parts. I could, possibly get things shipped to a family member in Brisbane and sort out sending parts myself or taking them home as luggage. But that wouldn't be for while, just floating ideas atm.
  5. not exactly getting much info back, so may as well see if you can find anything please backing plates & caliper mounting brackets please. why would you need to contact nz post?
  6. cheers for the pics, appreciated. They look to have what I'm after from what I can tell. You're just willing to sell the backing plates? But not the caliper mount brackets? I would be keen on a set of both preferably.
  7. needing KE55 disc backing plates & caliper mount brackets!

  8. Hey, sorry for the late reply... thanks for letting me know. Ive trying to check up on things but need more info... Would you know if the backing plates are same across all KE55 models with the different brake set ups? I'm not familiar with the KE55 myself, we don't have them here in NZ. I'm wanting the plates ( and still hunting for caliper mount brackets) to do the conversion here : http://www.rollaclub.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ke10_Disk_Brake_Conversion
  9. Yeah I agree. I'm all about sourcing what ever I need overseas. But not so keen on brake rotors overseas, the shipping wont be pretty. I still like my original plan, try to source KE55 backing plates & caliper mounts in AU & source KE70 hub/rotor & calipers here in NZ. I'll do some hunting. .... if anyone can help with the parts I need!?? Parrot, a fella on here said he has some spares from a KE55, not everything I'm needing but says he has sumitomo brakes left from his KE55 bits & can sell just the backing plates. Ive no clue about the different types other than there are options, would you (or anyone reading..) know if the backing plates are the same for all KE55s with various brake types? If they are & I can safely buy them to gather bits for the conversion, I can get them & continue on the hunt for caliper mount brackets.... Fingers crossed.
  10. just said that they are PBR, built in Australia & very odd ball in NZ. He recommended KE20 brakes or starlet. But I feel what I'm wanting to do (upgrade in the wiki ke10 upgrade), is pretty basic. And gives me 114.3mm pcd which I want. I'm just wanting to use KE55 backing plates & caliper brackets. In saying that, Ive since found out replacement KE70 rotors are discontinued. I had originally thought buying new rotors would be no issue. That and some suppliers have told me the KE70 takes 1 of 3 size rotors, but all NLA. I want a nice simple upgrade like in the wiki guide, but don't want issues with replacement rotors
  11. thanks for the info.... ive been advised in nz to stay away from KE55 stuff. I'm not familiar with it to start but wanted to look at it combine with KE70 for an upgrade. Does anyone know of a similar upgrade thats done with minimal mods, KE10 brake upgrade similar to the wiki KE70/KE55 upgrade? http://www.rollaclub.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ke10_Disk_Brake_Conversion
  12. For a ke10 with disc brakes. Wanting to follow the guide in three wiki link.. but trying to clear up what's what...
  13. Hi guys, so I'm wanting to do the upgrade from this article http://www.rollaclub...rake_Conversion with KE55 / KE70 brakes I have trolled through the forums & read what ever tech articles here I could find & checked the wiki section. But I'm wanting info first hand from those KE55 & KE70 gurus here. Firstly, I'm in NZ & as far as I know the KE55 never came here. So I'm on the hunt for KE70 discs/calipers in nz atm - the wiki article says the KE55 &KE70 take the same brakes but have different backing plates & caliper mount brackets. So I'm trying to source rotors/hubs + calipers here in NZ (shipping from AU would be a killer with the weight) But after KE55 backing plates & caliper brackets, likely from Aussie - i have posted a WTB post. from research ive found, NZ listings say the KE70 has 3 size options on Brake Rotors. And someone has said that the KE55 can come with 2 options of brake set up, Girling or Sumitomo? can anyone clear this up for me or offer some info / advice? tbh I don't know a heap about these later model corollas..... I'm wanting to get all my ducks in a row before I buy any bits...
  14. any front brakes parts available?
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