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  1. Looking to buy a 5 k motor and 5 speed gearbox to put in my ke55 . Located victoria but will consider paying courier fees
  2. Hi al, I am after some advice I recently converted my 3 speed automatic ke55 to a 4 speed manual. I have had to purchase a new speedo cable but I doesn’t seem to fit my speedo cluster spindle as the spindle seems to long . I have been assured that this cable is off a manual 4 speed ke55 . Is there a difference between the instrument clusters in the auto and manual variations of this model . Any info or help would be much appreciated
  3. Hey guys looking for a ke 55 manual centre console , I,m located in Bendigo Victoria. Let me know what’s yous got . Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone Just wondering where I could get my hands on a return spring for the clutch real ease lever on my 4speed manual gearbox on my ke55 . I tried Toyota but they said they no longer make this part and the best option is a breakers. I don’t think there’s a many breakers that have ke 55,s just lying around. If someone has one and is willing to part with it that would be awesome or if the is a spring close to it you can purchase off the shelf . Any help would be great
  5. Hi banjo Cheers for that mate I,d say it must have a borg Warner diff as I got brake shoes for it too and they seem to be too small but every place I look says there the ones for a ke55 . I might look into getting my hands on a ke70 manual 5sp and get a xmember made up . Now just to find a gearbox that won’t cost an arm and a leg
  6. Hey mate , the manual I put in cane with the car as a spare but it had k30 written on it in paint when I clean it but I thought ke30 and 55s had the same gearbox.I read somewhere recently they dropped the duel mounting in the ke55. Might have to get a new mount made . So thinking I might have to put the auto back in as I am Thinking of an engine conversion in a year or so will have to put a t50 gearbox in which i think you have to you have to cut the gearbox tunneling further to the rear or the car so don’t want to be cutting another hole further towards the front at the minute
  7. Hi mate ye both crossmember is about 150mm out
  8. Hey Ye ists a 4k motor and I’ve put in a 4sp maunual . It was pretty straight forward up to this . I have the auto crossmember and the manual one . It seems either the crossmember in the mount on the gearbox is 150mm out . I,be taken pictures quickly but probably ain’t great . Hopefully you can make them out
  9. Hi all , I seem to have posted in the wrong section I have a ke55 auto that I recently tried to convert to manual but as you probably guessed the crossmember doesn’t line up . What can I do that’s not going to cost me a fortune. Can you buy pre fabricated cross members or do I need a ke 70 gearbox or something? Any hep would be great , really don’t want to put the auto back in
  10. Hi all, I am after making a rookie error and am in need of some advice and solutions that won't break my budget . So the problem is I bought a Ke 55 with an auto in it and it also came with a manual gearbox which I have installed and the realised that the crossmember and gear stick aren't even close to aligning . ( probably should have read a few of the treads on here properly before I started ) . Looking for a way to make this work ? Do I need a Ke 70 gearbox or something ? Any help would be greatly appreciated . Really don't wanted the auto back in it as it really isn't my thing .
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