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  1. wtb a 4AGE KE70, want something 4age powered to drive around while I'm finishing my ae86, willing to spend up to 7k, location doesent worry me but anything in vic will be a plus. text me if you have anything 0448364758
  2. I might just take them somewhere that specialises in suspension I think. I don’t really know what lm looking at when it comes to shit like that. Cheers for the feedback!
  3. Nah the only photos I have are the ones he sent me before I bought them. They are hsd coilovers so i would think the camber tops should be properly fitted. Hopefully there not rooted
  4. well I’ll be a bit pissed of if there rooted. I payed an arm and a leg for them in good faith. Turns out I’ve probably been jibbed. I’ll most likely just put my old stuff back in and hunt for some new coilovers if these ones are fucked I think. Do you know where I would be able to source parts for hsd coilovers from? cheers
  5. So the those top nuts that are holding the strut insert in the coilovers or whatever are ok? I was just a bit worried cos one looks like it’s been fully cranked tight and the other like it’s backed right off. Also there’s a knocking sound coming from both coilovers and I was wondering if they were the cause. Cheers
  6. I just put some second hand ae86 coilovers in my ke70 and I was wondering if the strut tops are meant look like this. Cheers
  7. I'm more looking to by the coilovers brakes and hubs in a bundle if i can. to save myself looking for everything separate. if you had everything for sale including coilovers and brakes id be willing to spend around 1000.
  8. WTB ae86 coilovers and brake setup for my ke70 cheers.
  9. WTB ke50 liftback doors and bonnet or full donor car
  10. wtb set of ma61 wheels, preferably in vic
  11. as u suggested when i looked down the spark plug holes with a light i could see small signs of carbon on top of the pistons. i used a little bit of compressed air to try blow some of the carbon that was easily visable. it started to turn over with out a problem so we decided to just put it back in. it is now back i the car and running. the engine seems to be running very well and i havent had a problem with it since its been back in the car. thanks again for all the reply's.
  12. thanks for the info guys. turns out that there was carbon on top of the pistons that was causing it to lock up.
  13. yeah i might just have to start pulling the engine apart and see if i can find the problem.
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