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  1. as u suggested when i looked down the spark plug holes with a light i could see small signs of carbon on top of the pistons. i used a little bit of compressed air to try blow some of the carbon that was easily visable. it started to turn over with out a problem so we decided to just put it back in. it is now back i the car and running. the engine seems to be running very well and i havent had a problem with it since its been back in the car. thanks again for all the reply's.
  2. will do. cheers!
  3. thanks for the info guys. turns out that there was carbon on top of the pistons that was causing it to lock up.
  4. yeah i might just have to start pulling the engine apart and see if i can find the problem.
  5. i only removed the engine because 2 of the bolts were snapped and i thought it would be easier to just remove the whole engine rather than take just the head off.
  6. i didnt need to remove the head as it was only the plate on the rear that needed fixing.
  7. to start things off i bought the car not running as it was leaking from the plate at the rear of the head. the previous owner did drive as his daily up until it started leaking. i then took the motor out and fixed it. after that i put the motor back in the car then i tried to start it, it turned over then locked up. the motor is now out of the car with no gear box attached though when i try to manually turn the crankshaft it will turn 360deg one way then lock up, i can then turn it 360deg back the other way before it locks up in the same spot. cheers
  8. 4k will turn over but locks at the same spot each time.