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  1. Hey guys. Long time no see! Just wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of my old ke11, sold it to a guy down the coast think his name was kyle? Hoping it's still around, would love to know, Or the whereabouts of a ke10-11 worth playing with Thanks Casey
  2. Either way I go I still need to work out if the trailing arm mounts are the same as I would build a jig and use corona mounts on the hilux diff so I have my. Corolla one to accurately measure off, and a hilux diff seems a little silly with a 4ac just yet Might have to bite the bullet and have a go at throwing it in
  3. Afaik the avante model rt142 are IRS, everything else is live axle, some with disks some without, I'm talking about a csx? St141 or st142 whichever it is with the disk brake borg warner
  4. Hello guys. I have a quick question, due to my location we don't have a hell of a lot of parts cars to chose from, but the stuff we do have is usually free, Now I have access to many st and rt142 coronas, some with a disk rear end and some without. I'm wanting to run the disks to kind of match my 4 pot hilux calipers, Autho simply bolting disks onto the standard borgy is hardly worth it, That's where I want to use the corona gear, every thing is slightly bigger and a track increase that I'm happy with, plus I have access to a heap of cars for spare axles and centers, That comes to the question, how far off are the mounts? I know that you can get an RA40 rear end to fit but it puts pressure on bushes ect, I am hand enough to make my own swaybar and panhard mounts if needed, Eventually I will go with a hilux rear end, for now this works as a free upgrade, with more spares than I will possibly need. Any help would be much appreciated Casey
  5. Hi guys, after a 4age 7 rib bottom end, will look at anything pref assembled, Also a 4ac head with manifolds, or just a complete one! I have a few bits and peices left, 4age smallport head, cams, cam covers, pretty neat and was running Ke55 front guards with sr5 badges!! Neat and where rust free, yellow with black pinstripe Ke55 bonnet, maybe a little surface rust in 1 corner, center strip is dented, yellow Ae71 boot in blue Probably have more stuff somewhere, I know there's a 3k head there somewhere, Anything reasonable considered, or swap/part swap with parts I'm chasing
  6. Yeah not looking good for tassie at all, great place and I couldn't live any where else but it's going downhill fast
  7. Haha nice nice, my sister and brother Inlaw live here, I come over to tidy up there cars and got 2 weeks work as it was quiet when I was there building the pulp mill, 2 weeks turned to 6, then to 3 months and I'm still here, working for bowman transport, truck driving and repairs and mantinence, great place, not so good in the money department, Plan on being here for as long as possible, got a job at the end Of the year FIFO of WA, so I'll keep doing that till I decide what I really want to do, hopefully forestry comes back in the next 5-10 years and I'll just sit in a seat and make coin doing what I love. What are you doing now si, got your message ages ago that your not working for world of Warcraft
  8. Hey guys how's things, Finally got myself another corolla, after nearly 3 years without one I desperately needed a daily and a pretty neat AE71 popped up, basically 2 owners, owned and garaged buy a mechanic for the last 10 years, 170k Anyways I'm living on flinders island at the moment, have been for nearly twelve months, come for a holiday and decided to stay, needed a break for personal reasons too, Anyway guys what's news? It feels like forever since I have seen most of you, how's the progress coming, what's going on, At a guess Ben = piloting some man made flying contraption Simon = still ʞ©$ɟing with k motors :P Leigh = still waiting for the center caps I have Dan = ranga Daimon = nearly finished that beige bus Anyways what's the rolla scene doing up north? 17 year olds with ke70 "drifters" I'll bet?
  9. Hey guys, I have searched and can't find the info I'm chasing, Basically I'm going to be running and engine some what like a 4age 20v with the distributer on the back of the head, to fit this into my ae71 I need to get a stand alone ignition system that uses a crank angle sensor, My main question is, Will a MSD 6AL do the job, will it run coil packs, can I run a knock sensor, will it even run the crank angle sensor, The reason I'm trying to stay away from a full after market computer is its going to be carb'd and I'm looking for a more old school DIY tunable approach Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance, Casey
  10. Tempting but I can't justify the extra coin it's no grand build, BC are ment to be all that much better than HSD but my HSD's are great in the aristo
  11. My original plan was xt130, but I wanted pre built coilovers there for I needed ae86 or ae71 van gear, All sorted now I have found out you can get bc coil overs without stubs so I can just use my xt130 gear All sorted thanks guys, killed 2 birds with 1 stone
  12. Shhh van stuff doesn't have the tax :P
  13. Hey guys, long time no see, I'm looking for some ae71 van struts or even just the brake and hub assembly No major hurry Located in Tasmania but I'm happy to pay for shipping Please send me a message on 0448623130 as I don't get on here enough Please note ae71 van struts are different to sedan and wagon, I need these for engineer's certificat Thanks. :D
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