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  1. i love that the progress on this thing is still going strong
  2. my big port 7 rib doesn't have oil squirters origin of engine is unknown
  3. ive had nolothane for 6 years and never heard a single noise from them. but i only have the rear end done. had heaps of tramp till i put them in. just sounds like i hit a small child when i go over cats eyes
  4. i bought a haltech sprint 500 and i don't think ill touch something older then that again so nice and easy to use... once you learn
  5. glad to hear you have it running i used to have trouble getting 3rd to the ground in the wet then got a lsd and it hangs on most of the time now happy days
  6. reminds me i found another t50 i was meant to ask about. I'm still waiting for mine to suddenly lose 2nd but the noise hasn't gotten worse fingers crossed
  7. hows your clutch holding up ? still borderline?
  8. wish i had that many torques would tear the studs out of my diff haha where did the gilmer setup go?
  9. gave my ke70 -2 degrees camber which is quite noticeable. my white ae71 csx has the same fat black strip up the side they aren't easy to get off
  10. closed loop control is great i'm drawing air through the sc12 and still getting 8-9L per 100km
  11. haha i know that rolla the manifolds didnt fit normally so they are on backwards and pointing out the headlight holes
  12. maybe try the aluminium disk and neodymium magnet eddy current brake idea
  13. here ladies and gentlemen i have nolothane bushes in ke70/ae71/ae86 upper and lower rear controll arms/ trailing arms they cost me $200 for only bushes brand new have done 5000km since then will stop axle tramp and rear end float great bang for your buck i would like to receive $150 for my troubles of having them sold complete in the arms i may part with them for less if your a nice enough chap
  14. na beige one sold to ed lovet he had it two weeks and did the 17YO thing and drifted it into a gutter and killed the chassis. ive been playing with a white ae71 with a bigport and an sc12 having oodles of fun in it, till it shit a piston so rebuilt it last week but still gotta put back in the car
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