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  1. Rear main seal has gone so replaced that today and also my reverse sensor in the T50 shat itself. Lucky I had a spare box so stole one off that. Also one of my shocks has sprung a leak woo overhaul for the Rolla haha ????
  2. leigh

    5K Head

    After a 5k head please. Willing to pay postage
  3. That's great news about the Engine etc being able to pas easily mate. Is that because it's all still K series gear?
  4. Very unlucky Si, like you said tho you've done well getting away with it for 10 years. I was lucky I didn't get a defect noticed chucked at me for the blower...
  5. I'll have to look into the dizzy side of things. Pm me how much you would be after for that dizzy mate. As for the manifold I'm having a talk to my old man about it. We should be able to knock up one, with all the equipment he has haha 😂
  6. Haha nah think I'll just go turbo. The blower is very loud haha Um t25s and maybe some other one. Need to have a look in daylight. Just need a CAS and manifold now.
  7. Well Rolla is back on the road and going strong :) about to do some front wheel bearings. Did my first motorkhana about a month ago and was great fun. I'm keeping my efi gear now and have been given a box of turbos 😈
  8. Looking good Si, that is a sexy strut brace you have :)
  9. I'll make some calls today and try to work it out. Will be with a freight company
  10. You can always buy it back Stu, I'll do you a good deal haha 😂 Cheers Si I'm sure the new owner will love it.
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