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  1. Still have the ke30 manual console or any other interior trim? Dash parts or pillar covers? Hood crome piece. Thanks
  2. Were talking fender wells correct? Might have to trim some of the rigidity off. Heat the fender just slightly don't wanna burn the paint and either lower the car onto phonebooks sitting on your tire. Or stick a bat i between and use your tire as a folkrum. Apply even pressure. Yes, correct the rear might require some trimming. But it will flair and if done correct wont stress your paint.
  3. By guards do you mean fenders? Phone books or a baseball bat the latter works great.
  4. Anyone know the thread size for the temp sensor on a ke30 1.6? I have no manual and I'm a bit confused about identifying it. With that beeing said if you have a manual id like to purchase. Thanks as always
  5. I kinda figured.... I've been on the fb one multiple times couldn't get anywere with anything lol. Thank you maybe I'll try once more.
  6. Rolla decals Still available? Website is parked.
  7. Waiting on parts so i restored grill, emblem, removed dents and blemishes from chrome trim. Didn't work out all the dents yet but when I do I'll file the surface smooth, carefull not to go threw just knock down the highs and sand and buff till new. Believe me it was Easter to fix them find. With trim just be easy small taps re establish the lines and the rest will follow.
  8. Beautiful 30! Love the paint and wheels.
  9. This is my ke30, owned her for 5 years and got me threw college as a collision tech. ... I bought it as a running project and every daily I had failed in one way or another but not my rolla! When there was 2 feet of snow on the ground she got me to work ( Ofcourse with falcon street tires I blew every stop light that winter in fear of not moving again) I'm now in a better position and want to take care of her as she did me. Very solid, very reliable... Lots to improve. Just got all guages to work and cleaned up engine bay.
  10. In search of ke30 grill and trim, console for a manual. Or any other colon parts that disolve, dashcover, a pillar interior, pie tray, steering wheel... ECT. Thank you.



  11. Looking for a manual console for my ke30 as Well as lower grill chrome or hood trim. Consider a while grill if not alot... Mines in good shape
  12. Still have the ke30 manual console and grill or good trim? Thanks
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