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  1. Gday guys is there any panel beaters on here that can give me a hand I'm in Melbourne when i started the body work it didnt look to bad but as i progressed i found two spots that I'm having trouble getting right and don't know where to start to fix it
  2. Are Ke70 and Ae70 bushes the same the reason I'm asking is i have a Ke70 with Ae71 front end in it (4age conversion) and i want to order all new bushes
  3. Cheers mate awesome do you know what stock ride height is from center of hub to wheel arch
  4. Ok so i can find everything aftermarket for ae86 setup i think lower control arms, steering arms, coilovers, rotors, just can't find any calipers em i missing anything i need. I just brought the car and it has chopped springs in it its pretty much sitting on bump stops
  5. Thanks mate so can i just buy all aftermarket parts
  6. Will i need ae86 rotors and calipers or will my ones fit. I'm not looking to drift just driving hard is my thing
  7. Thanks mate yes i know these potholes you speak of very well vic roads are terrible So i can just buy a set of ae86 suspension and it will bolt straight in?
  8. I have a 82 ke70 and i want coilovers i like that low life. Are weld in coilovers my only option or is there other ways to go about it
  9. Cheers mate that worked good idle is sweet i had to wined it out does that mean it was lean
  10. Which screw is the mixture screw
  11. Cheers guys I'll do it when I get home thanks heaps
  12. My pump has a return on it Why does it come with 2 gaskets and if it was a fuel delivery problem wouldn't it drive terrible as well
  13. I tried playing with the screw but not if it was the right screw it didn't change anything tho i can only see 2 screws is there a third
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