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  1. I'd love to turn up - even tho it's not really central to Canberra :) However, I'll be headed to Afghanistan on Tue - see you guys when I get back.
  2. Man I don't even get to drive the fun vehicles we have - but I do get to shoot at shit .... it's a fair swap. Anyone want eyeballs and arseholes full of dust - I am sick of this country!!!
  3. My son requires a bus just like that one to get to and from school - good thing I am not a spiteful bastard ..... oh hang on - I AM!
  4. Wow - I hit the View New Posts and I have 40 pages of them to look at. Guess I haven't been on for a while. The photo below might help explain why :lolcry: And yes thats me laying down relaxing in a war zone!
  5. it is in an Ae80 and AE82 - can't imagine the '92 being any different
  6. Happy to say my little baby will be relegated to the driveway shortly, and the better half's Vienta will be there too. Why ?? Cause the Triumph always gets garage space and soon this little bad boy will be in my garage for about 6 weeks ....
  7. Well chop chop. Time sleeping is time wasting !!!
  8. Thanks Guys ...... I guess generally we think more of our soldiers, sailors and airmen than the Yanks do. And for that I am grateful. Phat ..... who's your old man with ? Its not a huge Army , but I certainly don't know everybody, but sometimes its seems a very very small world.
  9. It is missing as a result of the relocation to the new server and the new configuration. At this stage I am unsure if it will return ..... I am sure if possible (when everything else is back to "Normal") it will be considered.
  10. For those who don't know it looks like I am spending Christmas in Iraq. I will miss my first wedding anniversary, and all six kids birthdays, my wife's birthday, Valentines and Easter. This may not be how it is where I am going – but you get the sentiment ……… Thanks for reading this far.
  11. Looking at where mine is you should be able to get to it by removing the headlamp and also the indicator from the front bumper. Indicator will give you visibility and the headlamp will give you egress.
  12. Missed it because it moved ....... Had to go to toowoomba to collect tools from dad's. Only so much driving I am prepared to do on a weekend, Aspley is 5 mins away - Indro .... no thanks
  13. Ruts

    [m] Watch Here For News!

    :wink: ... watching
  14. Michelle and I should be in for a tentative booking .... can have birthday cake for me ......................
  15. I have 15s on mine with 195/50 tyres. Fronts are great - backs have nice scrub marks on the outside from the guard lip (but only when there are big guys in the back)
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