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  1. Hey Dave, I never exactly left, I just didn’t sign in all the time 😊
  2. Been a while since I really did anything on this, have accumulated a lot of parts that I wanted for it but in that time the paint has turned to s#*t. Well here’s today’s efforts:
  3. Trev


    Are you driving it now?
  4. I actually though the dog was Caine when I seen it on the last page but remembered it was a blue heeled, I do remember the bigger and the old ae93 sx Bathurst ad.
  5. Looking good. I can't believe how much different the back yard looks.
  6. A mate is currently working on the same conversion with his but is going from a t-18 to a ke70 so we have to look at doing mounts to fit, were yours fully custom or just a mix and match?
  7. Looking forward to updates again.
  8. Good to see it's still around. This thing looks so cool.
  9. Only just came across this and had a quick flick through, looks interesting so I will save a good read for later.
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