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  1. Hey Dave, I never exactly left, I just didn’t sign in all the time 😊
  2. Been a while since I really did anything on this, have accumulated a lot of parts that I wanted for it but in that time the paint has turned to s#*t. Well here’s today’s efforts:
  3. Trev


    Are you driving it now?
  4. I actually though the dog was Caine when I seen it on the last page but remembered it was a blue heeled, I do remember the bigger and the old ae93 sx Bathurst ad.
  5. Looking good. I can't believe how much different the back yard looks.
  6. A mate is currently working on the same conversion with his but is going from a t-18 to a ke70 so we have to look at doing mounts to fit, were yours fully custom or just a mix and match?
  7. Looking forward to updates again.
  8. Good to see it's still around. This thing looks so cool.
  9. Only just came across this and had a quick flick through, looks interesting so I will save a good read for later.
  10. Once you get into it and you see that you have made it better then it becomes enjoyable.
  11. Done a few bits and pieces to it over the last 4 months to make it reliable again for the other half to drive around. ended up doing a full timing belt kit, water pump, cam cover gaskets, brand new alternator, fixed the exhaust dump pipe up and got the power steering pressure hose repaired. It's good to be able to drive it without an exhaust leak and oil leaks, it even goes a shit load better.
  12. Yeah exactly. Brad? The guy that had it was up near Gympie, can't even remember his name as it was years ago.
  13. Hey guys, I picked this up back in 2011 from a guy that could never get it running right which turned out to be a boost cut defender on the map sensor line (ha it's map sensor only), after sitting in a mates yard for a while I decided to register it but had it hoon impounded 2 days later (damn you 1j skids). It's a grande Cressida that has had a Jzx front cut put in it including the digital dash, factory intercooler etc, it makes for an awesome daily driver and a good sleeper. Not sure on plans at this stage.
  14. I gotta fix a power steer leak but I'm down, would be a good catch up :)
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