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  1. ok so the smooth one is the one id like ill message him -thanks
  2. to be honest i didnt realize there is more than one type. seen them on ebay but international post is more than the part.
  3. anyone got a ke25 / te27 boot spoiler? or the mold even? used to be fairly common a few years ago Thanks T
  4. awesome! i already have ane ae86 t50 shifter which is probably the same as a ta22 one anyway. what do you want for the housing?? (plus post to vic) Thanks T
  5. chasing an early 20 spline type (ta22) type t50 gearbox ideally in poor condition, or just the rear extension housing section (for conversion onto later t50) anything considered Toby 0437665518
  6. just wondering if anyone in melbourne (se suburbs?) happens to have any ae92 front suspension lying around they don't want? want to test out a concept and i need an ae92/101 etc front upright assembly or 2 to verify fitment into another car. condition not important but it would be nice if they were not rusted solid! thanks toby 0437665518
  7. got one set white. carbon reinforced (2 layers glass, one carbon) $275 plus post ($25 generally) Toby 0437665518
  8. got a set of white flares ready to go
  9. I have a complete drum differential from an 1993 rn85 hilux now surplus to requirements. G282 (4.3:1) Good overall condition. Does have one broken wheel stud - can probably supply replacement if required! 1445mm wide pickup Vic se suburbs (seaford, or maybe somerville). may be able to assist with organizing freight if required $300. Toby 0437665518
  10. Don't know if these are still sought after but i've just unpacked the molds from storage. (been in storage for many a year) Copy of the te27 steel flares in fiberglass. fit te27, ke25, ke20, ke30 etc with minor sanding. have been fitted to ke15's, datto's etc got 2 sets available. $250 a set plus post. Or pickup se suburbs of melb available Toby
  11. i bought some "toyota" rav4 ones off ebay many years ago for mine (think i paid $60 and the girl even delivered them!). very useful accessory. luckily racks fit the wifes rx350 as well......
  12. chasing a tvis early bigport distributor - can be damaged, rusty etc. only actually after the drive gear . smallport type not suitable thanks Toby 0437665518
  13. Anyone in vic have a dead e series gearbox? ideally a e5* off a 4agze or a e57f5 off a ae95 - only after bellhousing so trashed or pulled apart gearbox is fine. (i have thrown so many complete e series gearboxes in the bin over the past 20 years or so!) Thanks Toby 0437665518
  14. its got tein ha's in it - but i plan on keeping those for the corolla. try trade-me in nz for springs its been sitting now for 16 months so no major hurry. still awaiting my big shed to put everything into. doubt you'd get the screen out and transport it to tas unbroken to be honest! T
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