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  1. i bought some "toyota" rav4 ones off ebay many years ago for mine (think i paid $60 and the girl even delivered them!). very useful accessory. luckily racks fit the wifes rx350 as well......
  2. chasing a tvis early bigport distributor - can be damaged, rusty etc. only actually after the drive gear . smallport type not suitable thanks Toby 0437665518
  3. Anyone in vic have a dead e series gearbox? ideally a e5* off a 4agze or a e57f5 off a ae95 - only after bellhousing so trashed or pulled apart gearbox is fine. (i have thrown so many complete e series gearboxes in the bin over the past 20 years or so!) Thanks Toby 0437665518
  4. its got tein ha's in it - but i plan on keeping those for the corolla. try trade-me in nz for springs its been sitting now for 16 months so no major hurry. still awaiting my big shed to put everything into. doubt you'd get the screen out and transport it to tas unbroken to be honest! T
  5. pretty sure we put a kenwood in ours many years ago. just single din one though. will be wrecking out the whole car. initial plan is to keep some of the suspension, floorpan & rear diff assembly for ae92 awd corolla project. so complete black interior will be available. even roof if you want it! very good condition but drivers seat does have a little wear on edge of seat not surprisingly on basically 20 year old car!. cars a bit hard to get to right now so may take a while to get pics - especially as its full of tr7 and mini parts as well! just got permit for big shed so early next year should be able to pull apart. this is what it basically looks like. sort of drivable.....
  6. no - n spec 246 had the recaros (next shape, auto only) mine is a 1% of production model - manual, with factory sunroof. black interior. genuine 103k on in (we got it with genuine 36k on it 10 years ago) most of car will be available when i get around to wrecking it. (rh front damage) stereo upgrade most important. aerial is not too good in these either. not a hell of a lot you can do about that though.
  7. wow how about that. nearly a year since my last post. well I m still alive and married and still have the project cars. soon to have a "proper" sized shed to put everything in so I can actually do something with these things too...…..
  8. great car. somewhat of a sleeper. fyi I have a 2000 update one of these sitting in the front yard. was my daily for years until I smashed it. will eventually be dismembering it. update has the black interior - if you get sick of that two tone blue and grey interior!
  9. Ok - didn't want to do this but no real choice now. Due to relationship breakdown both my car projects are to be sold off. Ke25 project tr7 v8 Convertible project not sure what will happen to the mini awd 4efte setup or the ke20 at this stage. prefer to sell each project complete, but may separate the tr7 setup due to the type of car & parts it has (vvti 1uz etc) - is on a rotisserie too. Will list up whats included in each project shortly. (ke25 has all the rare bits - long console, tacho dash, center gauges, new dash top, update grill & indicators, simmons rims, recaro seats etc)
  10. Chasing an early ae82/ ae86 /aw11 type distributor. Does not need to be complete, or even in good condition - all i'm after is the pinned on drive gear off the bottom of the shaft Thanks Toby 0437665518
  11. i am still alive, however no progress has been made on the ke25. Too many other things getting in the way with life - family - kids, house renos etc. The fleet has grown bigger as I've now inherited my dads mgb (one owner car) & recently bought back my wifes old corolla sx (the car we met over) used to look like this: now looks like this: sad what 10 years of neglect can do. can't get the zender body kit any more so i'm modifying a ms design front spoiler to fit - another long term project....
  12. chasing a 165 / 168mm damped type 4agze harmonic balancer (not a solid alloy one) hks one or copy ideally Thanks Toby 0437665518
  13. chasing a damaged ae95 manual gearbox (or cheap undamaged one) and an undamaged ae95 front subframe for a conversion Prefer vic, s/e suburbs ideally! Toby 0437665518
  14. Still looking.....
  15. still looking - not finding......
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