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  1. Still available mate? If the k50 is, I’m in Melbourne. But would be happy to sort something out. Thanks
  2. Hey mate, I'll take it, just give me a call on 0447 289 450. Or email at [email protected] Thanks
  3. Based in Melbourne and i'm after a fuel cap for a ke20/25/26 if you ahve one lying around. Cheers
  4. Hey mate, i know it's not advertised but you wouldn't happen to have a starter motor to fit 4k/5K?
  5. Hi guys, I'm just after a starter motor to suit a 5K, preferably in Melbourne. I'm based in Brunswick West Cheers
  6. I realise this was a while back, but are these still for sale?
  7. For sale i have some 13 x 7 steel wheels to suit KE2X and KE1X (and any early mazdas). They are 4 x 110. I recently spent about 5 minutes on each wheel to get a nice shine on them. There is still a bit of surface rust but nothing a bit of time and work could fix. Considering i only spent 20 minutes polishing them up and they already look awesome. 2 of the rims have KELLY Charger tyres which are 205/65/13 and would really look good on a KE2X or KE1X (or early Mazda) because they fill out the guards nicely and almost sit flush. They are also a pretty rare tyre with a cool old school style tread pattern and have a fair bit of tread on them which is good. I'm not willing to seperate the set as they are pretty different and i have never seen them before. I'm selling because i seriously love the wheel combo i have at the moment on my KE26 and just can't part with the look i have. But i think these would suit someone else's corolla for sure. I'm selling them for $250 or best offer. Pickup is definitely preferred from Croydon, VIC. However we can negotiate on delivery for fuel cash my way if desperately needed. Cheers. My numbers 0403 806 690 so you can shoot me a message.
  8. I pm'd you, no reply. Do you have the right rear tail light?
  9. For sale are 2 13" 4 x 110 PCD steel wheels. These are 10JJ so they are very wide. Too wide for me, and that's the reason i'm selling. $200 for a pair. I also have 2, 13" 4 x 108 PCD for sale. Check out the gumtree ad. http://www.gumtree.c...adId=1014558231
  10. I feel exactly the same as this! I was just un insured when some ʞ©$ɟ in a piece of shit 90's commodore rear ended me in my '26 and deemed i was at fault. I told i'd be able to fix all the damage (a few scratches and a broken headlight) for about 200-$300. Ended up costing a mechanic around $1800. I was furious and argued with the insurance company via letters for a good 4-6 months, which was good because i delayed the time i had to pay. Now i'm paying it off. But it's $10 a week and i never really notice it come out. Shit happens, and, well, it's shit hey?!
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