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  1. Hello all - apologies for the long absence. The car is still available. Cheers
  2. Hello all - apologies for the long absence. The car is still available - please let me know if you are still interested. Cheers
  3. Still available (April 2022) Not going to lie, this is a massive project for anyone brave enough to take it on. I inherited this part-finished project a few years ago but don't have the time i would like to put into it and am needing the space in my garage. The car is in so many pieces, it is a jigsaw puzzle. Engine bay has been re-built. Toyota Hilux 4k engine installed. Was converting back to petrol from gas (not completed), but the engine did tick over when tested, though the timing will probably need to sorted. Interior all present and accounted for, just not all installed. Parts are all in varying degress of condition from "ok" to "good". Only a couple of small spots of rust on the main body. Ignition/locks will need re-barelling. All parts, plus some spares to choose between. Would like to sell the project as a whole rather than piece-meal. $500 ono, pick up only - please take everything. I have more pics of the parts, etc, just contact me and I will send them through. Adelaide, Northern suburbs
  4. Will take it please - I'm also in adelaide, whereabouts are you?
  5. Can I ask what condition the fuel tank is in and if it is still available? Also - is that just the tank or everything that goes with it? Cheers
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