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  1. TOMsGPTurbo


    I remembered I need a knock sensor for the 4E, and whilst browsing the net found this: Starlet GT Turbo and Glanza V Replacement Knock Sensor. The knock sensor is prone to becoming faulty due to age, flagging up error code 52, causing the ECU to retard ignition timing and also increase injector duty, resulting in a poor performing, and a less responsive drive. ECU Error Code 52. OEM Replacement knock sensor to save the risk of used sensors also being faulty. -ʞ©$ɟin-issue/ I wonder if this was the shuttering the engine was doing on boost.
  2. TOMsGPTurbo


    Just saw this on gumtree- - Before you ask - the pic is of mine back when we had club meet up at Yatala Pies, but not mine being wrecked... so if anyone needs any bits
  3. TOMsGPTurbo

    Tore's Ae86 Ground-Up Build

    Looks like some good progress, keep up the good work :) P.S: Awesome daily!
  4. TOMsGPTurbo

    El31. The Other Other '86 Corolla

    Hey Andrew, First of all congrats on your new family member! hope he and mum are doing great! I'm in the same boat (no pun intended lol) I've been so busy with my daughter that I haven't touched the car in years, actually started it up mid last year just to make sure it didn't seize up and move a bit of fluid around, I need to get a decent battery trickle charger and keep a spare car battery always on recharge so I can do more on it. Keep going on your car, it's one of a kind and it has all the potential to be an awesome drag / circuit / hill climb beast. Take it easy and keep safe out there!
  5. TOMsGPTurbo

    El31. The Other Other '86 Corolla

    Hey Andrew, How's the build coming along mate? Did you end up moving up to Cairns?
  6. TOMsGPTurbo

    Ae82 Twincharged Corolla - Sznaps

    I hope you found a way to keep it, it's magical car.
  7. TOMsGPTurbo

    Blzbubs Aw11

    Looks awesome, mate I would love to see your face the first time you drive it after getting all the bushes done! :)
  8. TOMsGPTurbo

    Intercooler Pipes On A Saturday?

    How strange is this, I used a spare aluminum elbow I had lying around and some silicon connectors (right setup but made to work using incorrect sizes), and I'm getting a better turbo spool lower in the rev range and a more linear power curve rather than the previous noticeable kick-in rush from the turbo, but worse fuel economy .... hmm I think I still might have a boost leak or the ecu has dropped the psi as I can't hear my usual wastegate chatter
  9. TOMsGPTurbo

    Intercooler Pipes On A Saturday?

    Thanks guys, unfortunately I couldn't get away from home on Saturday anyhow.... I've patched the problem and hope to get away to a shop during the week.
  10. TOMsGPTurbo

    Intercooler Pipes On A Saturday?

    It's not for a commodore.... geeezzz... it's for a Xtrail lol :P
  11. Hey guys, Would anyone know where to get a intercooler pipe on a Saturday? I'm after a 2" (51mm) 90 degree elbow bend with approx 200mm from bend to end on both sides. I would prefer mandral bend, stainless steal or aluminium. Cheers, Tom.
  12. TOMsGPTurbo

    Ae82 Twincharged Corolla - Sznaps

    Hmm, not sure, I'm not feeling those rears tho, doesn't look right, but what is that front bar off?
  13. TOMsGPTurbo


    Thanks Trev, It's a love and hate relationship, I hate not driving it, I love it enough to keep it around.
  14. TOMsGPTurbo


    Thermo-fan is kicking in now, another step closer...
  15. TOMsGPTurbo

    Knock Sensor

    Hey guys, I'm getting a knock sensor error - could there be any other reasons this is occuring - or just need a new knock sensor. Cheers