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  1. Hi how are you going. So you bought this car off Max on ebay, this car has been all over the country. I told max to send this link to you, https://www.facebook.com/groups/435906397027932/ Guessing he didnt. Jump on, its a world group just for this model car.
  2. This is the literature i've owned for a considerable time, just sitting and waiting for a car to arrive. It wont let me upload any more photos.
  3. This is my Corolla 2 GP Turbo. I don't really need to introduce this car, as everyone knows of it, and its been owned by a few people over the past 20 years. It was standard then; had an engine swap, from a 3e to a 4age, everyone knows the details so I wont bore people with that. It's gone through different stages in it's life, and frankly it's had a hard life. I knew this car 20 year ago plus another one everyone knows. I've always wanted to get my hands on one since then, and the stars aligned and the timing was right, and here we are. so instead of talking about stuff people already know about this car, here's something different... "GP TURBO" KNOWLEDGE: This technically isn't a corolla, they are a Retra chassis that was sold under 3 different model names for the respective targeted markets that Toyota wanted to exploit and tap extra profit from. Corsa, Corolla 2, Tercel. These 3 badge names had sub trim level models. The Retra chassis was sold in the Al20, El30/31/NL30, El40/41/NL40 and also the El50/51/NL50. The EL30/31/NL30 sub models being:TX,GL,ZX,LIME,SR,SR SPORT PACKAGE,SR-I,SR-I SPORTS PACKAGE,SR-I CANVAS TOP,MOA, MOA CANVAS TOP,SOPHIA,EX DIESEL,UX,SX-I,SX-I SPORTS PACKAGE, SX-I CANVAS TOP,VL,VX,VC,VS,VS SPORTS PACKAGE,VS TURBO SPORTS PACKAGE,CUTIE,WINDY,WINDY CANVAS TOP,AR,(TOYOTA FOUR) and finally GP TURBO. Toyota tried to hit the market big in the mid size vehicle category. these were powered with either a 2e, 3e, 4e or diesel variant engines. Toyota also released a (corsa/Tercel) 4WD sedan version called the Toyota four(kinda ugly really). these are a Japanese built car, built in right/left hand drive models, for japan and Europe. they effectively were not sold in any other domestic market. They are of a rarity, though there not all that uncommon as people tend to believe, purely being they were sold in two domestic markets only. The only one people are really familiar with is the GP Turbo variant. Plans for the car is to bring it back to its former glory, interior/exterior. I will put it onto historic registration and just enjoy the car. It needs a hell of a lot of work, it's at Rock Bottom as per Eminem's song. lucky I have some literature I've owned for a considerable time. I'm going to need these with this car, this is a big hill to climb with this car.
  4. Devil GP build project due to begin shortly.
  5. I had an mx6, two door version of this. 2.2 turbo 4ws. These are torque monsters. Gearboxes are week including halfshafts. The 4ws system fail alot. If you want more boost you will need to trick the afm, or run an ecu. They have boost and fuel cuts. Great cars, don't waste your money trying to make it fast though, you need to spend alot for a smallish gain.
  6. Foot noting a future restoration build commencing soon. Restoration project Devil GP.
  7. Hi guys, looking for a corolla 2 gp turbo, I'm in Brisbane. A few mates have had these over the past 20yrs, now its time for me to get one for myself. Prefer queensland. Send a pm if youve got one Thanks
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