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  1. Boost gauge, turbo timer and boost tee on its way 😄 tax time coming up so hopefully might have enough spare coin to get her on the road
  2. Not much to explain with this one. Hassled the owner for the last 3 years to sell this thing and never wanted to part with it then decided to sell the property. He called me first and said if i wanted it come and get it. So yeah basic run down 1965? Rt40 corona, 3 speed manual columb shift, tired smokey 2r engine, bugger all body rust and a shagged interior. :) not bad since it has been sitting for 15 years and still runs. Still undecided what to do with it :/
  3. Well done mate jeez that is committment :)
  4. Bump price is negotiable. He may even consider swaps and cash his way for an old corolla (ke20 or earlier)
  5. Progress is slow unfortunately :( have fitted a new battery and slave cylinder so its driveable at least. Need to replace the windscreen and tyres then it will be ready for rwc
  6. Hi guys a good friend of mine has his 75 capella/rx2 up for sale. 12a bridgeport engine and 5 speed manual (both mod plated), weber carby and electronic ignition, near new tyres, new kyb shocks all round. Car runs and drives really well, and comes with rego and rwc for the right price. For any genuine enquiries please contact matt on the phone number provided. Car is located at warwick in qld and asking price is $15 000 or nearest offer.
  7. Got some free wheels from work so i thought i moght get a test fit photo :) these are from a mazda cx5, and the extra width and lower prifile tyre should help with handling and looks a bit
  8. Is the swap for the new project still happening?
  9. Lol i was going to do the opposite : leave the head gasket alone and put a boost tee on it and see how long it lasts haha. But seriously i think that would be the way to go as i don't want to blow it up, plus it goes pretty hard as is
  10. You would be correct altezza, they are basically a mazda 626 turbo badged as a ford tx5. Even the VIN plates in the engine bay have made in japan stamped on them. This one has a bit over 200k on the clock so lets hope the rumors are true :)
  11. Yet another 'too cheap' to pass up oppertunity has been thrown my way yet again lol. Browsing sales pages on facebook as you do, i came across a dirty black ford tx5 for $150. Now as soon as someone mentions telstar i shut the hearing off asap, but $150 for a scrub basher didnt aound too bad. I spoke to the owner over the phone and went to check it out. When i get there i realise its the turbo model which perked upy interest a bit.....that is until i saw the state of the car. Cracked windscreen, covered in leaves and dirt, and the owners kids had decided to use the interior as a sand pit :/ to be honest i was ready to walk away there and then, and the owner obviously realised. It was at that point she said if you want it bring a trailer and take it i want it out of my yard. So long story short came back with a trailer, loaded it up, went to my mates shop and got it running and driving, cleaned it out and now awaiting more funds to get a new windscreen and get it on the road :) also i am a bit out of my comfort zone with this one as i don't usually do fwd or ford for that matter so any advice is definetely appreciated.
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