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  1. Felix

    5K Solid Lifters - Simple Idea

    Try with the top washer seat thing the normal way up. You will want 3k pushrods, or better still k (1077cc) pushrods. Keep in mind 3k pushrods came in varying lengths.... you want the shorter ones. It has been a while, i can't remember which exact model of 3k to go for.
  2. Felix

    Youtube Video's

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyDfj6yFlMs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fFH1g9J-aE
  3. Felix

    Random Photo Thread

    Been playing with my new camera and the gimp. Edit: Resized the image. Original was hugee.
  4. Felix

    What Makes You Happy Thread

    All those Coronas catching up with you? :P :lolcry:
  5. Felix

    What Grinds My Gears.

    Monday, spending 4 hours to undo two nuts on the AE92. :bash: The 2 nuts that hold the water pump backing plate to the water pipe behind the block were stripped bad. Absolute pricks of things to get to. I hate working on FWD cars.
  6. Felix

    Stroker K Motor

    2Y and 4Y motors have a shorter stroke than a 7k. :hmm: 7K's have a wider block (compared to 5k) to accommodate the increased stroke.
  7. Felix

    Youtube Video's

    :lolcry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIbkLjjlMV8&feature=youtu.be&hd=1
  8. Felix

    Random Photo Thread

    Soft. Needs a lift kit and 38" tyres.
  9. Felix

    1969 Ms55

    Better put a price up unless you are giving it away for free.
  10. Felix

    3K Or 4K Bore Pitch/ Spacing

    I sat an old head gasket from a 4afe on top of a 5k block at one time. The bore spacing of a 5k is pretty much identical to 4A series motors.
  11. Felix

    Fuel Consumption

    I found some old fuel economy figures from when I was running a 4k. Car: ke15 with a 4k (270 deg cam, portwork, 9.85:1 CR) + 5 speed running a 28/36 dcd Weber. At the time I was doing some delivery driving in around the suburbs south of Brisbane. I did 1302 km for 101 liters of fuel. 7.76 l/100km or 12.89 km/l. On the cruise it was better. Not bad for a thing that would easily outrun your average 6 cyl falcadore.
  12. Felix

    Random Photo Thread

    I saw that. Pity. Crazy build.
  13. Felix

    Random Photo Thread

    More euro. Road trippen. Love the trailer.
  14. Felix

    Wtb Or Tell Me What These Wheels Are

    Looks like they could be 13" Corona RT40/81 hubcaps and trims. The wheels would be the wrong stud pattern for a ke1x, but the trims and hubbies might fit on some Mazda steelies... 808 maybe?