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  1. Try with the top washer seat thing the normal way up. You will want 3k pushrods, or better still k (1077cc) pushrods. Keep in mind 3k pushrods came in varying lengths.... you want the shorter ones. It has been a while, i can't remember which exact model of 3k to go for.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyDfj6yFlMs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fFH1g9J-aE
  3. Been playing with my new camera and the gimp. Edit: Resized the image. Original was hugee.
  4. All those Coronas catching up with you? :P :lolcry:
  5. Monday, spending 4 hours to undo two nuts on the AE92. :bash: The 2 nuts that hold the water pump backing plate to the water pipe behind the block were stripped bad. Absolute pricks of things to get to. I hate working on FWD cars.
  6. 2Y and 4Y motors have a shorter stroke than a 7k. :hmm: 7K's have a wider block (compared to 5k) to accommodate the increased stroke.
  7. :lolcry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIbkLjjlMV8&feature=youtu.be&hd=1
  8. Soft. Needs a lift kit and 38" tyres.
  9. Better put a price up unless you are giving it away for free.
  10. I sat an old head gasket from a 4afe on top of a 5k block at one time. The bore spacing of a 5k is pretty much identical to 4A series motors.
  11. I found some old fuel economy figures from when I was running a 4k. Car: ke15 with a 4k (270 deg cam, portwork, 9.85:1 CR) + 5 speed running a 28/36 dcd Weber. At the time I was doing some delivery driving in around the suburbs south of Brisbane. I did 1302 km for 101 liters of fuel. 7.76 l/100km or 12.89 km/l. On the cruise it was better. Not bad for a thing that would easily outrun your average 6 cyl falcadore.
  12. More euro. Road trippen. Love the trailer.
  13. Looks like they could be 13" Corona RT40/81 hubcaps and trims. The wheels would be the wrong stud pattern for a ke1x, but the trims and hubbies might fit on some Mazda steelies... 808 maybe?
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