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  1. Strange, ke82 is what I meant. Rear wheel drive stuff. Can't believe I didn't catch that sooner
  2. I realize this is an older post but I'm doing exactly this... ke16 with a beams. It does not fit but can fit with mods but I'm going a bit further. I'm also doing suspension mods... ae82 cross member and suspension and adjustable coil overs. Haven't decided if I'll narrow the cross member to make track width the same as stock or if I'll use flares. Time will tell I guess. you can see some of the progress on instagram @defender_jon Edit: I'm using KE70 suspension
  3. Actually ae82, just because I own the parts already. Slightly narrower than the ae86 I believe which is a bonus. As far as the rear, I've thought about similar ideas... not planning on going that far with it at this moment.
  4. So, after much thought, I've decided to take bigger steps on my front suspension. I'm attempting to install an AE82 front cross member and suspension on my ke16. It'll take lots of fab but I believe it'll be worth it for bigger brakes and better suspension design. This photo is only a mock up at this time.
  5. I found coil over kits for my application, just curious if any one has done this.
  6. I'm curious what you guys think... I want to lower my wagon a lot, 4-5 inches from stock. Would you suggest removing the cross-spring and find coils to fit the strut or ...? (The rear is pretty obvious with blocks and spring mods)
  7. I have no problem shortening the axle (costly though). I'm planning on flaring the body a bit also which means a slightly wider axle "may" be ok... Off to the wreckers
  8. Also, my intent was a stronger rear axle. Can the stock axle handle 200 hp, or do I need to modify/swap it?
  9. Thanks for the help. I believe I meant TE38 which is what my girlfriend owns (not KE38) oops. Nice link also!! Great info!!
  10. Hey gang! I'm new to this site (and new to the KE16). I'm looking into buying a KE38 parts car and I'm wondering if you'd know if I can swap KE38 brakes and/or hubs onto my wagon. I'm looking to upgrade braking performance and get the 4x100 bolt pattern also. I'd possibly use the rear axle (although a bit wider). Thanks for any input you may have. I've seen some great info on these pages!!
  11. Purchased from the Original owners. Plans are suspension and brake upgrades and a BEAMS engine with 6spd.
  12. Defender Jon

    Jon Kuhn

    1969 Corolla Wagon
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