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  1. I'm in the middle of swaping kp61 struts into my 69 KE18. Problem I'm having is the angle of the kp steering knuckle is too sharp to use. What fixes did you guys use to mount the 2 bolt kp or ke2 struts to the E1 arms/ball joints?
  2. http://flos.ie/index.php/product/t50-cable-clutch-conversion-kit/ Think they may need donor parts tho
  3. So jealous, I love the beams engine and the ke1x corolla's. Makes me sad that the cars nearly are gone here in the u.s. thanks to you I'm working on my sprinter again and tinkering with my ke18 wagon :)
  4. I have a '68 down the hill from you..in Arkansas...there needs to be some sort of K rally, but I work all the time so I can't drive out to those California things.

  5. some will some wont. also most of the car is differant from ke to te. brakes are smaller, axle is smaller, if going manual you will need all the hydraulic parts for the clutch(i belive the column support as well) drive shaft, harness(what year is it? there were 3 diff harness types configureations for the 75-79 te3x more if you count the sr5 varients) radiator, springs. i have had a few and truthfully its easyer to buy/trade for a te car. it can be done but you need a doner car. where are you located in the u.s.? I'm in boise ID and have almost all the parts you would need. includeing the throttle parts. t40 trans is good, t50a seem to wear out quicker. also bell housing is the same between t40 and t50a. t40 came with a 210mm clutch and t50a a 200mm clutch. how is your k engine trans? if local enough i would trade what you need for what you have. i have 2 '69 corollas (ke17 sprinter and ke18 wagon) and bolth need trannys and engines. contact me at [email protected]
  6. te3x and te5x are all mechanicaly the same. te7x got wider.
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