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  1. OK, so I just assembled my XT130 struts and springs and camber tops, using the XT130 LCA's, and TTT AE86 PS knuckle. Put on my 14" wheels and they don't spin? The caliper is not touching, and can't see anything else fouling? Before installing the hubs spun freely? I think the dust shield is pushed up against the rotor. does the AE86 Knuckle move the strut inwards? I'm thinking I have to remove the dust shield, or grind down the end of the LCA(don't want to do this.....)or get a NRCA? Anyone else come across this?
  2. All good! Glad you saw this before buying one!
  3. The RX2/3/4 are too big too fit, I tried once. AE71 has both outlets on the driver side, that should work, but the mounts on AE71 are different to KE70, different Rad supports, but the physical size fits. You just need to make some L brackets for the mounts.
  4. Does this headlight assembly type and grille bolt up to the Australian delivered KE70 2 door panel van guards and bonnet? Picture below for model reference ********EDIT********* For anyone reading this, no it does not straight fit. KE72/74/76 guards, bonnet and lower apron are all different I did find pictures of hack jobs where it was made to fit. Below KE74 grille and lights..I guess anything is achievable with some willingness and an angle grinder! And even a nice example of a Diesel grille made to work with flat front bezels. Looks pretty boss!
  5. There was a break in the wire behind the dash, starter motor spins with key now.
  6. Thanks for the info Banjo! I found it, It was my error. When I fitted the loom in somehow I have accidentally stretched the Black/White ignition wire, up behind the dash/air vent area, to the point where it had actually broken. I just soldiered a piece in and its all good now. No other wires where damaged.
  7. Digging up an old thread. I have a starter motor solenoid power issue. *History is, this is KE70 cabin and engine bay looms installed into an AE71 (old AE71 loom was hacked to buggery so swapped it out) instrument panel and both driver and passenger kick panel circuit boxes where swapped out also, so basically all of it from a KE70, nothing from the AE71 was kept. I have power at the black/white wire on the ignition barrel when key is at start position, but nothing at the starter. Starter fuse in engine bay fuse box is not blown. I removed the instrument panel and traced the black/white from the barrel to behind the dash as far as I could see it, up until the point where it disappears heading to the passenger side. It also has power with key at start position. I then went to the passenger side kick panel and found the black/white wire in the big green plug and tested it, but there is no power to it with key at start position? Somewhere in-between the wire is cut....I really don't want to pull the whole dash out again just to check where the Black/White wire My question is, based of the diagram above can I cut the Black/White wire at the key barrel, solder in a new wire, run that to a relay and then power the starter solenoid that way with out disturbing any thing else. I have a 4AGE with Cop conversion with aftermarket ECU, so the Black/White coil wire is redundant, Does this have the potential to cause issue to any other circuit, or should it be ok? Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. KE70 starter motor solenoid power issue. *Note that this is a full front wiring loom from a KE70 freshly installed into an AE71. I also changed out kick panel junction/fuseboxes. I have an issue, the Black/White wire from Ignition has power at key start position, but no power at starter, or even further up, at the fuse box? Nor do I have power at the factory ignition coil Black/White wire (no longer used anymore in my application). I checked the fuses and they are all good? Not entirely sure whats going on. The fusebox has an aftermarket relay installed (Not by me) pictured, is this normal? Also there is a Black/White jump wire that I am not to sure if is factory? (view attached pictures) Any help here would be appreciated!
  9. Thanks! I kinda figured that. I'm pretty sure that the clear/white connector connects to this key barrel (start 12v) terminal through connector pictured below, inturn that runs through to the fuse box big plug pictured below also.
  10. This is the stock KE70 starter motor loom (removed due to 4age conversion and battery relocation to boot). Is the thick Black/White trace wire attached to main battery loom for the 4K starter motor? I don't have battery at moment to test with key and multimeter.
  11. OK, so this will be my info log, as well as my question. So I have searched the internet and looked at all the guides and read all the threads (Toymods, AE86DC and Rolla Club), but don't seem to find any specifics to my case. Long story, my High Roof AE71 Panel Van body harness is stuffed due to part out, (where I bought as rolling shell) aftermarket ECU, Stereo, alarm and keyless entre were removed with little respect for the original harnesses, a rats nest with chops and hacks, not usable. I was given a warning from seller at time of purchase that the engine and body wiring needed to be redone. I found a KE70 High roof wagon and removed engine and body looms thinking that they would be the same. I have swapped out the looms, some of the wiring is the same, but particularly the dash / instrument cluster connector pinouts differ. It is not a straight swap, I have compared the tacho dash wires with the non tacho dash wiring, and reference that against the Toymods write up, some is ok, but some is different. AE71 High Roof Panel Van Tacho Instrument Panel Clear Connector KE70 High Roof Wagon Non Tacho Instrument Panel Clear Connector AE71 High Roof Panel Van Tacho Instrument Panel Blue Connector KE70 High Roof Wagon Non Tacho Instrument Panel Blue Connector AE71 High Roof Panel Van Tacho Instrument Panel Grey Connector KE70 High Roof Wagon Non Tacho Instrument Panel Grey Connector My Plan is to re-pin the KE70 Connectors to macth the AE71 Connectors, firstly making sure the the wires terminate to the same plugs and positions. This I can do, but for now I need to know, for the KE70 Wagon Blue connector, the first pin (from the left) green wire makes its way up and across to the towards the LHS of the dash, does any one know what its purpose is? I downloaded KE70 wiring diagram to check this, but I must be dumb, I can't make heads or tails out of it...
  12. Hi, As title says, looking for LH and RH XT130 LCAs or similar If you have a set you'd sell, please PM or txt me. 0449 838 779 Thanks!
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