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  1. Hey Stuart, Sorry mate but progress on the old girl has really slowed up lately. I have been swamped with work and study while trying to juggle family life. I have however had a chance to assess what needs to be finished so once I find some spare time hopefully things can start moving along nicely. Luke
  2. So recently I decided I didn't have enough storage in the yard and my shed had become very cluttered. I spoke with the boss and she agreed (well blow me over). We then agreed that the area next to the shed would be better off as storage rather than an unused grassed area. So I organised my mates mini-excavator and hired a mini tipper to remove the excess dirt from the area. The next thing to be done was build a new retainer wall before the predicted rains began to fall and I potentially lost my fence due to the new excavation being so close to the fence (thank god that never eventuated and the wall went up without issue). As it sits now is how you see it, I am hoping to have this finished by the end of the weekend. This will allow me to get my camper trailer out of the shed and me reclaim some more workspace :) I have also made some changes inside the shed so more photos to come people :)
  3. Some more progress Engineer is booked for next week and dyno tuning should be sorted within the month :)
  4. Just some more progress shots. Now to prime and paint the engine bay :)
  5. Front suspension is in now, after everything I've been through I now need to get the fron sway bar remade as the mounting position is different - damn changing my mind on what works best with what!!! These aren't the wheels I will be running as they 15x7 +27 on the front and don't fit within the guard so I'm going some Work wheels instead :)
  6. More progress :) Off the rotisserie and inside painted, engine xmember is now painted too so I'll be trial fitting the front suspension and making sure everything will fit inside the standard guards this weekend.
  7. I used 3-3/4 cans in total Altezzaclub. A bit of a surprise as I only bought 2 to start with. Yeah it looks really good and I'm stoked with how its come up. So much inspiration to get the inner cabin painted along with the suspension sand blasted and painted. I'd like to have the motor and driveline dummy fitted again very soon to see where I am at with the engine bay as its been forever since the motor was in and I can't remember what exactly I had left to do. Plus I need to finalise the front end suspension to allow me to part out my spare gear to fund more of the build haha
  8. Hey 67Rolla-Ken, It is a spray on under body sealer. I bought is from my local autobarn store. It is 'Motorspray - stone guard'. You use a special gun that screws to the lid of the can and sprays out through a 7mm nozzle, it gives a textured finish that protects against rust, stone chips and helps with road noise reduction. They use it on most new cars too.
  9. So its been way too long between updates on the old girl as I've been busy with other things. I have however been doing little bits and pieces over the last few weeks and this weekend presented a major milestone completed. I FINALLY sealed the underside of the old girl which will allow me to get her off the rotisserie and move ahead with the painting inside and reinstalling the driveline over the next few weeks. A few pics to show everyone what happened.
  10. Guys and Girls, Up for sale are a set of 4 Compomotive CXR 15 inch x 7inch / 4x114.3mm /+15mm offset. Currently have Bridgestone Dirreza 205/50/15 Semi-Slick used 3 times at the track (suitable for road use too). Chasing $1300 Located Nowra NSW 2541. Not on here a lot so call 0405144982 for more details.
  11. As far as I am aware the car is still in primer.
  12. Cheers Glenn, how much $$$ are you looking for???? Not really needing one for now but might invest later on.
  13. Got any photos autofill??? Not sure where your taking your measurement and if it will much help for me.
  14. Just a word of advice Birksyy, make sure your seams are extremely clean before welding. On a couple of mine the sealer had melted between the panels and caused the welds to be less than desirable due to contamination this caused me to go back over a couple. Also it might be easier to drill extra spot weld holes on all the accessible areas and weld it up like that, I read an article about seam welding the other day and they were talking about the stresses on the steel from welding the edges like I have. Probably not a bad idea to stitch it instead of laying seams to, would make it much neater.
  15. Cheers 67Rolla-Ken, I can finally see the end of the tunnel in regards to the bodywork and the whole project for that matter. I am just stoked to have the welding done and it nearly ready to be removed from the rotisserie. It will be nice to have some space back in the shed to have a clean up :)
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