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  1. wgmg. havent been on here (rc) in ages.. to long need to sort my car out makes me sad seing it sitting in a shed no motor or box :( can't do anything with a brocken collar bone and zero money either
  2. yeah she is sitting at mates motor and gearboxles getting dusty ect OK so I'm just gonna throw another twin cam t series in there if i can find one cheap enough lool :)
  3. yeah maybe a filthy ca18det would do the job who knows might go look for one of dem v12 toyota motors and twincharge the slurry... just for the hell of it V12 rolla YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ok ladys here is a pretty addictive track i been listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nba8Ju4ZJIM
  5. i love this song its so unnesasery :dance:
  6. yeah happy new year . and sttuff . lets the skids be plentifull :fuzz:
  7. wmmh: 2 weeks of work 3 corona sedan 1 corona wags angle grinders and welders I'm haveing a freaking ball :dance:
  8. you guys are gay fracks... anywho update time ok i still got my t18 i also sold of the motor for 1000bucks :happy: heheh so it will recieve somthing straight six and turbo if i can't find a decent 3tc :cool: also been acuiring some corona with my mate were gonna be boosting a 22re and we got a xt130 wags wich will get a rbxxdet got heaps of time oof work so I'm going to get some shit done :wink:
  9. man spensor your such a gossip whore ........ any who it got rearended yes on xmas day but..... it don't look damaged but yes the chassis rail on the left hand side is pretty bent but becuse that silly bitch who went up my bum don't have insurance it wont be written of f ... but my step dad is gonna get it fixed and send them the bill .............................................also updates on my t18 check my thread
  10. hay people I'm keen on a regoed white t18 doesnt have to be running hit me up cheers :happy:
  11. yeah man my whole car is in real good condition with coilover suspesnion in the front hit me up
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