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  1. Selling a perfect working 4age JDM ECU. I have had it running in my AE82 for over a year without any problems. Works with bigport blutop with T-vis, just plug and play. :wink: Condition - Great Price - $100 Contact - John 0411375912 Location - Rowville Pick up prefered but will post out for extra $10. Please note. If you have shown interest, you have 7 days to come up with the money or its on the market again.
  2. I got home safe, Massive thankyou to Jarrad and Mel, once again you have done a outstanding job :happy: It was great to see everyone again and meet some new faces too :wink: It was so good to finally take a rolla on this cruise, I had a blast. Thanks everyone :cool:
  3. So pumped for this.. :yes: I'll be at the todd rd meet point tomorrow in the rolla.
  4. Hey matt, if you need a hand with the twinky to get it back together, just let me know yeah Unfortanatly I got rid of all my spare parts but i still have 2 gearboxes if you want one :wink:
  5. Happy birthday mate :thumbsup:
  6. No updates really.. :( I still have to get around to painting the last bits and peices of the car just like i said 6 months ago, lol :lol: Prob the biggest news is I have decided to sell the lil beast :( Its not something I want to do but eather the ford or the rolla has to go and the rolla fails to carry planks and extention ladders to work for me.. I'm going to hang on to it till the Vic Great Ocean Road crusie, then its on the market.
  7. Johno


    If you used a 7afe block with a 4age head you would have a heap more compression wouldnt you? 11:1 or something.. :hmm:
  8. I don't know if i mentioned it a few months ago or not but I'm keen to hit the Gor run again. Sorry for the late notice, It will just be me coming along this year, Cheers
  9. Congrats mate, its a good feeling when you get to drive it registered for the first time. I've done about 5 cars up and the feeling never changes :jamie:
  10. Wasn't there a 4agte in a ae82 corolla putting 470kw on the ground on the front cover of a zoom mag about year ago, anyine see it? Maybe it was with a bit of help of some NOS.. :jamie:
  11. I got the problem sorted now. I chucked lower stiffer springs in and now it sits on the road nice, bumps and puddles are not a problem anymore. :P
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