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  1. About time for an update hey Stu? Hahahaha
  2. Buy it back Stu! You know how much you miss it and I've even signed in for the first time in years to tell you to buy the bloody thing back and bolt it on!!!!
  3. Ahh... When?! can't see on the phone!
  4. Sorry guys, the girls and I are out for this one. I'd probably just suck all your headlights out in the ol 55 anyway ;)
  5. Oh, I won't vote officially but if I come with the girls and cabins are available (even if were camping) we will cabin it up. Tents and todlers don't mix!!!
  6. Well hello Rollaclub! I haven't been around for a while! Dave, good stuff getting this cracking along, as Ted mentioned he had only just sent me a message about it. I will happily help where I can, I'm not sure I will even make the trip as yet, I will certainly not be in a Rolla anyway. First thing to figure out is where you all want to go. This is the biggest part. How many k's you want to do as well but we all like driving :) You will need a maximum of 10 sites unless more than 30 people turn up, even then you would still be right. This year was the first that we had more than 8 sites. Helps keep costs down too. When booking accomodation don't mention your in a car club. No matter how nicely you put it you will most likely get a big fat NO. The first time we've ever had trouble was this year. With a few people organising the trip it will be easy, the main reason Mel and I start so early is to get interest and plenty of ideas. Last year we did 3 nights and 4 days, 'twas nuts! If it's to be that big again I would organise an observation/poker run or something of the like. Would put another twist on things. cheers, JP
  7. Ours are all rather slow compared to your missus' one corty! Even when I get around to bolting the turbo 1uz in I won't be anywhere near as quick! Ella, will send a pm your way soon. JP
  8. Legend Dave, I have nothing to pick up but thankyou for the offer! JP
  9. Nice work B, looks great with that stance and wheels. Tell me, where did you score the clear side indicators? I'm chasing a couple of sets, one for the side and another to use on the front. Very jealous of the wheels! ;) JP
  10. Well, I'm pulling Out early! The Rolla will be gone by then and the cressie won't be running a 1uz so it's not going to make it! Have fun!
  11. I will even make an appearance, not sure what to drive though... Old car, not so old car or newish but old car... Hmmm... And no excel! The wagon will be fun on those speedhumps! JP
  12. Thankyou to all for your replies, its about time I post mine up! Meeka Blaire Saleta was born at 6:32am wednesday 30th march after a 30plus hour labour, wieghing in at a mighty 8 pound 6oz (big for the size of her mum anyway!). We all came home a day early on friday and are doing well, mums recovering and we are actually getting some sleep! But we are still waiting for someone to come and take her away, doesnt really feel like shes ours! Anyway, heres some pics from the big day, will throw some more up when we get them off the camera, Jarrad, Mel and Meeks.
  13. Well this sounds fantastic! Would be well worth the trip to the city for this. I can't make it as hopefully Mel has popped by then, she was due yesterday, so unless you have an excuse like mine get in there! JP
  14. So how did this go??? I heard there was a kickass Hilux ute thats quicker than my wagon... :( JP
  15. Thats why I cut them out on that bar :D Looks much better. Cars coming along nicely Matt, will see it when I can! JP
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