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  1. if u can get me a pic of how there mounted and the length of the struts would be boss.
  2. got a overrated 4k here il sell to u cheap just because its going into a ke38 :P
  3. so its turn key running oVeRrAtEd atm. just gotta sort out my clutch setup and exhaust and il be off again. man I miss her :(
  4. good stuff mate!! wish I bought this when I had the chance.
  5. hey mate very interested can u tell me the last time they were running on motor
  6. hey guys sorry been bed ridden for three weeks going threw abit of a hard time all parts that have been paid for are packed ready to go. sorry guys <3
  7. mate its a kluger rear sun visor u can get em for free from toyota. fark paying for it lol u can have mine if u want mad springers can't wait to get this done my plan is boost too.
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