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  1. Is this still available and what colour ? Text me on 0419897208 thanks
  2. So turbo 4k ended up making 178rwhp on around 20psi and loved the boost, head gasket did not love 25psi but :) so was easier to upgrade engine than change head gasket or something like that. Pulled 4k out about 5 weeks ago and 1jz is nearly ready to run, it's stock motor with a baby 58mm precision turbo, a340 auto, corona struts, rn20 diff with mx83 LSD and gears, microtech, single 044, 1000cc injectors, and 215/60/14 Mickey Thompson radials. Will limit it to 400-450rwhp and should go super reliable 9 second quarters. All on a budget of $5000-6000 including what I payed for the car originally. That's as far as this one will get pushed as it will still be my delivery car for my parts business.
  3. Toyota corolla ke30 sedan, ca18det engine and 5 speed gearbox, corona xt130 front struts, sigma control arms, hilux 4 piston front brakes with peugeot rotors, npc button clutch, billet flywheel, s14 turbo and brand new stainless manifold, 3 inch mandrel exhaust, 450x300 tube and fin front mount intercooler, professional custom red paint job, professional velour interior and bucket seats, 28 spline borg warner diff, 16 inch wheels, 225 rear street slicks, comes with spare motor and gearbox. car is currently with engine out as i was remaking pipework and re wiring, needs to finish engine and gearbox refitted needs computer (i sold the lt8 microtech but wiring harness still in car) new dump pipe intercooler pipes fuel pump located toowoomba QLD ph 0421087507 for more info thanks $6900
  4. Maybe I will you can legally do a 1jz into ke55
  5. Haha yeh this ones easy, it's auto so no need to worry about clutch. It's getting a microtech lt9c keeping the standard intake manifold and will put injectors into that and an elbow to mount a throttle body and air temp sensors, electronic dissy and pretty much done. I also have a heap of new electronic distributors coming if anyone else wants one will work out pricing when they get here
  6. So carby can't keep up with the power have tried everything and can't possibly go any bigger jets so time for Efi and maybe 200rwhp :)
  7. Oh who invited this guy to rollaclub 2jz are boat anchors, 1jz would be way cooler :)
  8. No idea on torque but that's enough power to run a mid 13 second quarter :) might wind it up to around 200rwhp and see how it goes
  9. I heard that Goleby's Parts guy is awesome Is that true? ;)
  10. So I have spent the last week getting this thing finished and trying to get the carby to work with boost and HUGE camshaft and auto gearbox three things that don't normally go together with a 4k the result so far is 168rwhp on 14psi :) the convertor will come out this week as it only ended up being around 2000rpm so will get it taken to 3500-4000, it makes power to 8000+rpm so still gives a great power range
  11. I told you black now hurry up and paint them and put tires on so you can race :)
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