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  1. Yeah, its basically mounted in, I was going to stuff the ecu under/near the kick panel, closer to the hole. but we'll see how that turns out. 1st thing before that is to strip down the 101 loom and splice it in to the 82 loom. as for speedo, I think I can get a reed switch on the cluster, whether or not it pick up on the magnetic air clutch used for the speedo, I'm not to sure. Whats really throwing me off this is the amount of work i need for the rest of the car, need to repair the seats, new belts, struts.. also my tools just seems to of exploded and went everywhere/ need to buy a new set.. I have AE101R sedan rear set, I had a good look at the setup, I can tell its not a bolt-in jobie, but I'm sure its not to hard to make something up with tube stock, but i'll take the both off and run it by a fab/engineering shop and see if that can do something to ADR standards, its already up for engineering signoff with the new engine in it, if it was the twinkie setup i'd could get away with just an engine swap'n'sign off, what a little more? I'm sure I cannot use the trailing arm and A frames off an ae92, I have one here, but it drum too. on that note, anyone wanna have some fun with grinders and a 101 chassis? I'll throw some more pictures up later, tonight/tomorrow/some day
  2. Should this not go here? https://www.rollaclub.com/board/forum/11-for-sale-car-parts/
  3. Yeah, I was. I have a wrecked ae101 and getting its wiring setup for transplant. I'm going to try and keep the cluster as much as the old ae82 as possible, speedo, tacho,will have to be swapped, the fuel tank/sender could remain the same, I think just have to go external pump. the engine mount brackets have to be changed off the old 4A motor to fit on the 7A. Unless I do major body work to get the AE101's mounts to fit in. since the 101 has a 2 piece cross-member that holds the sway-bar and the 82 has a basically bar on 4 body mounts. There is no way it would fit without cutting parts and welding others. I will be swapping the brakes over from the 101 to the 82.
  4. Well, after a depression stint/no care in life/burn the holidays.. ..something started to move: cannot work where that silver box fits :/ or even this stuff.. i'm one step closer
  5. well I'm not looking hard enough then, most scrap yards around me have nothing from the AE82s.. I'm sure you needed an adapter to fit the disked hubs off the later models, or swap the caps off the hubs to make em fit.
  6. They rarer then hens teeth, but you can find them. you need the master cylinder too, or attempt to re-balance the one you have. Now if I recall correctly, they are on the AE82s with the bluetop in them. and the large "Twincam" across the doors. you could get the ones off the AE101, but thats a complete headache and fabrication to get them to fit.. Keep an eye on the trading sites, ebay, gumtree, etc..
  7. I love sitting back and reading over these heads you've done OST, I have learned a lot too, Thank you for sharing! on that note, when I get my 4A-C head back from the shop (getting the clean and straightening) I might just try to chew on the old cracked head to see what damage I can do. unless you want to look at/destroy it for educational purposes? ..then I'll get back to my 7A project.
  8. Yeah, I am going to get the mounts completely swapped over, then attempt to get it in the car.. so far the daily cracked a head, couldnt handle 430K-KM on the clock.. so Ive been running around trying to get that back on the road. But yeah, looks like it can just mount right up no issue, maybe a AE92 engine mount can take the spot of the 4AC mount with the 3 pins/studs and still sit in the chassis mount point
  9. So, the old 82 mount fits But I think this wont pass with the engineers + mechanic .. So the front mount (or drivers side) went from: To So i need to do a little bit o hacking or something to make it fit..
  10. you're right, its not a F1 engine with the straight runners. I just had a random shower thought I wanted to bounce, no need to change the tried and true that toyota setup for this engine. I could spend money chasing small numbers, or just use it the way it was intended. I will over time attempt to make it breath better and brace up the weak spots, but that could take it down the path of rebuilding hell.
  11. I guess it would run like a dirty dog, the piston drawing the air would not take enough to suck all the air mixed with fuel out of the runners. I was thinking along the lines of setting the injectors to spray into the air inside the plenum to keep the mixture there, then the pistons draw the mixed air as needed. Instead of double shooting the fuel with one of the shots basically cooling the intake valves. Maybe toyota thought this as going to be an issue and downsized the injectors to compensate with the extra fuel, EG at idle, each squirt is 14cc so the total intake of mix is 28cc of fuel and 372cc of air (or how much idle air intake is, probably a lot less) just one shot is going to sit there till the next intake.. now I'm done working on a ford, I have a few cold weekends to get the AE82 preped for the 7A.
  12. but I like them steaming piles of crap! low pressure, always open single injector! needs a completely different type of ecu.. could always go a vacuum controlled jetronic, the old type that uses the vacuum and throttle position to determine the amount of fuel to spray. Yeah! Like i said, not going nuts on this 7A for some time, I may go GE head on it with a turbo one day, but thats years away. I think going from a 2A-LC at 36HP with 3 running pistons and the other with no rings, to a 120'ish HP 7A-FE would do me good enough for a while. i just gotta get the wiring right
  13. yeah don't worry about it, I wasn't jumping up and down saying you're wrong, there are some systems that require it, for that extra resolution for working out where the motor is in timing, the crank sensor is needed, especially when you are using multi-coil system on top. which makes me wonder why they are not using that to run sequential, but like you said, its cheaper to just pulse the 2 wires one after the other in time with the dizzy.. which begs the question, if I was to get the injectors in the plenum instead of the intake runners, so the wasted fuel is also fed to the mix and the piston draws it in for intake, will the system have a fit due to the system seeing it go to rich? or will it be like I said before, its just wetting the runner on compression/fire stroke.. On that note, I was looking into what toyota ECU did do the sequential injection, it seems to be the ones with the turbo/chargers that had them. Then I came across the cute 4K-E ECU, so basic, didn't have 200+ sensors to contend with..
  14. so the 7A dizzy doesn't use hall effect sensor? sorry, I'm used to the falcons sequential system, it uses a 7 tooth (+one missing IIRC) halls in the dizzy to determine where TDC is on the motor to start the injection cycle... ah well, cannot complain, not going all out with this thing as of yet.. the wast injection isn't really wasted, its just going to sit on the intake valve until it opens anyway and gets a 2nd shot of fuel, only problem I could see off this is the fuel forms into droplets and doesn't 100% burn or become wash off on the cylinder walls
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