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  1. Hi all ive just replaced the front brake pads on father in laws corolla Is it common on the ae102 r for the discs not to be attached in anyway except wheel hub nuts and the centre hub flange Ive never seen a brake disc that just slides onto the centre hub and has hub bolt holes with a mil of clearance either side but no screws there are two threaded holes in the disc that i would have thought at least keep the disc attached to the hub I'm usually involved in french cars which have a pair of equie distant posidrive screws to secure the disc plus wheel bolts that screw into the hub plus the hub flange Would the brains trust please enlighten me as I'm a little concerned about how safe this set up is
  2. Had the same problem replaced faulty fuel pump and all good
  3. RAE australian distributors manufacturer and rebuild specialists They have a very comprehensive listing for toyotas
  4. Hi guys my car has the same motor with mt sticker Its most definitely the 4c unit Just wondering if yours has A rattle at the distributor end of the head
  5. Ok so I have more questions. I would like to replace the rear drum brakes with disc units did any of the AE 82 models come with a rear disc arrangement. If so where can I find them ?
  6. See electronics section re the outcome of this thread
  7. Hi all I posted here a while back about my 88 AE82 4AC motor not idling. So the thermostat was stuck open and causing a problem with the vacuum lines. Replaced thermostat Still no idle so off with the fuel pump. and hey presto badly warn linkage in the pump causing fuel starvation under 1,200 revs. Replaced fuel pump Motor now idles but there is a rattle coming from the distributor end of the camshaft. Next step will be to remove rocker cover and observe. But for now has anyone had wear problems with the distributor on this motor. I would have thought that 132000 ks is relatively fresh for one of these and its not been flogged as its my mothers car. Any comments greatly appreciated.
  8. Sound advice the rattle is definately in the dizzy Pulled out my trusty old hawk timing light only to find the neon has died So ill start with dizzy and keep all apraised
  9. This 4A is equipped with electronic ignition not points. Ill pull the distributor today and check it out.
  10. Hi all newbie here I am driving my mothers AE82 Corolla and it has a rattle in around the distributor. It wont idle properly if at all and has flat spots all over the acceleration cycle. I thought I would consult the brains trust on this forum before I start spending money on the wrong parts. The rattle is not from the engine and sounds to me like the dizzi fly weights or a loose wing nut around the carby area. Its not a regular mechanical knock. See picks
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