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  1. What Grinds My Gears.

    Gee Your having a lot of bad luck lately...
  2. Ke 16 Tailgate

    I Will take a tailgate in any Condition,
  3. Ke 16 Tailgate

    Wanted any condition Tailgate to fit a KE16 Thanks Darren
  4. Sa Ke38 For Sale

    Clean KE38 on ebay 270745891181
  5. My First Ke20 Road Car New Update Its Painted Now

    Looking good Max, you will be painting them for Everyone soom.
  6. Log Book

    If I remember correctly Your from the Barossa Try the Barossa Valley Historical Vehicles Club in Angaston. or PM Me. Cheers Darren
  7. Random Photo Thread

    This was the sandman pictured at rear, taken at the Adelaide motor show.
  8. Guess This Car

    Correct The doors seem to open the same way to me on this vauxhall
  9. Guess This Car

    that is a vauxhall. Here is mine I still own this one
  10. Guess This Car

    looks like a morris 8 to Me
  11. Guess This Car

    2 stroke or 4 stroke?
  12. Guess This Car

    is it a old Mercedes ?
  13. Guess This Car

    The front also ispired Ford cortina.
  14. Guess This Car

    is the 2 door a pontiac
  15. What Grinds My Gears.

    I got my dog from the Harndorf shelter, very sad that a lot of pets are simply abandoned, mistreated, there past unknown, My dog had a few issues and I'm told would of been put down if taken to the rspca instead of the harndorf shelter, I have given him a good home and couldn't be happier.