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  1. i am after a ct9 gt starlet turbo happy to pay shipping from interstate can pick up also in adelaide pm or msg me on 0407051316
  2. some one bought the steering wheel. The any blew 2nd gear and a drive shaft. Selling parts for beers now.
  3. yeah but due to the amount of people wanting it but kept changing there mind it is now on ebay
  4. 4age sold. will be crushed in 2 weeks
  5. pm sent will sell the 4age with all sensors, loom, ecu, alt, ect for $500 has a few oil leaks but ran fine, didnt use any water.
  6. its a seca. A lot of it is going to be crushed if no one is keen.
  7. Wrecking a ae82 twinky pm me for parts you are after.
  8. working mate are second hand but were working i really need a sample to be sure mate yeah mate i have a few
  9. mate if you pm me your number i will mms it to you, its brand new and genuine that i had to order from japan. yeah mate msg or pm me. not at this stage mate because i need a sample of your old one because i have a mix of ke20 and ke70
  10. havent got a rolla at the moment so getting rid of everything that i have saved up. Brand new genuine points and condenser suit an early ke70 $15 Brand new pair of KE70 front hub seals $10 Genuine toyota long life (red) coolant $20 Brand new genuine ke20 interior light lense $15 ke20 chrome gutter mouldings, not sure if its all there $20 ke20 front bumper, very good condition SOLD ke20 kph dash $40 ke20 auto centre console (can be used for manual SOLD assorted altenators to suit both ke70/20 $20ea ke20 glass $25 ea piece Brand new genuine trd oil cap (4age) $25 ke20 rear seat brown in ok condition, has been retrimmed at some stage and is starting to show wear again. SOLD ke20 grill including badge, gril is ok with some cracks but badge is really good $25 msg me on 0407051316 or pm me. i am located in lobethal will also negotiate if multiple items are wanted
  11. just after the shifter surround and console including gear stick boot
  12. still looking guys sa preferred
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