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  1. hey guys been gone for a while! I'm actually getting back in to the panel van! i have been in the rotary game for a while now had a couple first gen rx7's currently have a 2001 fd rx7 what i just pop the motor in but i got my new shed going up to rebuild my fd and single turbo it. going to clear the defect on the ksev and give it a paint and put a 7age or a 4age in just need gear box. got all the parts for a 7age build so see what happens then work out wheels!
  2. Tune in soon 😎😎😎 should be back in a couple weeks! With a lot more going on 👍
  3. Does any one know the weight of 7k with every thing on it? Trying to work out weight for shipping, can't find it any where. Cheers guys
  4. Been tough having this sit, I recently bought a s3 rx7 that needs work but runs overrated for $200. It's been getting most the love. I've also had a shoulder reco so can't work on either. Hoping to have this back on the road in the next couple of months. Can't wait to drive it again, will get a paint then most likey sold sadly. Or I chuck the 7afe in it and use it as a daily!
  5. Sad news this will be up for sale soon along with all well most of my parts and rims. Conversion gear will be up for sale. Trying to save up for a new car and having 4 cars it's hard to do. Will be cleared off defect the up for sale. If your interested send me a pm
  6. ummm this engine is now going in my track car, it was way to much hassle to put it in this and keep it legal. just trying to get the panel van off defect before any thing else gets done to it.
  7. Found this seat and harness in the back of one of our old work vans. Think I must of stashed them in there, should be good for now. Don't know weather I would be aloud to run the harness still but yeah. This is also getting my 7afe put in it, got a gt25 ball bearing turbo coming. Ideally I wanted a disco potato. This one should be extremely quick spooling and shouldn't die of overly much. Don't know how much boost I can actually run, but work that out when it's set up. The 7afe at the moment is bare motor just going to clean it up. If it goes pop it goes. Trying to find a half decent gearbox that isn't going to hurt the wallet but be pretty strong. Doesn't have to fit cause ill make it fit. Any ideas? Little undecided about the plenum to, either keep the stock one and hope it helps with supplying torque down low or I go down the custom road. Plan with the engine isn't to have it high revving. But to have strong low and mid torque.
  8. so ive got my cross member and engine mounts now. had a look tonight, need to mod the sump alittle bit but thats nothing. the engines going to be on a little lean what I'm unsure about.
  9. That's the plan got most of it laying around, but will still need to sort out for later on down the track. As its getting quite a nice power plant what will need a bit more than just the simple bits. Going to be good to drive on track and not worrying about hurting people or getting done by the cops.
  10. nothing really has been done with this, its been fully stripped and thats about it. I'm starting to get it ready for a cage to go in, engine wise theres big surprise that will take a year or so to build. alot of work but it will be porn, but very risky for now it will either get my 4k or 7age for now. i have applied for a engine conversion for my panel van so if i get approved this will get my 4k what will be rebuilt balanced then my side drafts back on. if i get denied then it will get a high compression 7age for now. suspension will be getting worked unsure what i want to achieve at the rear but figure that out soon enough. should get updates going a bit more now see how we go.
  11. well i got the 7afe out the back of my track car, and actually had a decent look at it. i pulled the rocker covers off and had a look, looks healthy cams don't have wear. i don't know the kays of the engine but it doesn't seem like its been run in to the ground. i also worked out how I'm going to do the distributor going to run it off the cam gear. also worked out manifold what will be easy as, this should get a move along soon just need to find 4a-c engine mounts.
  12. My ae71 cross member rocked up today, so can start mocking every thing up. Hopefully work out the water lines on the weekend.
  13. Sweet, remember reading it awhile ago and was awesome.
  14. It's a shame none of the pictures work any more, maybe it's just my phone.
  15. I'm not planning on getting this running and then a week later change it to 7age. Goal is to get this running well and then ill build a 7age and swap it. This is going to be my daily again soon, so 7afe will be fine for awhile.
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