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  1. hey guys been gone for a while! I'm actually getting back in to the panel van! i have been in the rotary game for a while now had a couple first gen rx7's currently have a 2001 fd rx7 what i just pop the motor in but i got my new shed going up to rebuild my fd and single turbo it. going to clear the defect on the ksev and give it a paint and put a 7age or a 4age in just need gear box. got all the parts for a 7age build so see what happens then work out wheels!
  2. Tune in soon 😎😎😎 should be back in a couple weeks! With a lot more going on 👍
  3. Does any one know the weight of 7k with every thing on it? Trying to work out weight for shipping, can't find it any where. Cheers guys
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