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  1. hey guys been gone for a while! I'm actually getting back in to the panel van! i have been in the rotary game for a while now had a couple first gen rx7's currently have a 2001 fd rx7 what i just pop the motor in but i got my new shed going up to rebuild my fd and single turbo it. going to clear the defect on the ksev and give it a paint and put a 7age or a 4age in just need gear box. got all the parts for a 7age build so see what happens then work out wheels!
  2. Tune in soon 😎😎😎 should be back in a couple weeks! With a lot more going on 👍
  3. Does any one know the weight of 7k with every thing on it? Trying to work out weight for shipping, can't find it any where. Cheers guys
  4. Been tough having this sit, I recently bought a s3 rx7 that needs work but runs overrated for $200. It's been getting most the love. I've also had a shoulder reco so can't work on either. Hoping to have this back on the road in the next couple of months. Can't wait to drive it again, will get a paint then most likey sold sadly. Or I chuck the 7afe in it and use it as a daily!
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