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  1. Need Gearbox For Ke20

    Heyy, I'm in need of a K40/K50 or T50 gearbox for my KE20 Rolla.. she's running on the stock 3K engine. what would be the best replacement for the car?! I stay in Malaysia, soo, you'd have to send it over.. this is of urgent requirement. need it by this weekend, the 2nd of July.
  2. K40 Gearbox Teardown

    Mate, recently i removed the K40 gearbox out of my KE20 also. and the problem with mine was a hollow tube slide up from where the drive shaft connects right to where the shifter is. this caused the shifter to get stuck on 3rd, which was engaged at the time. if I'm not mistaken, the first picture you posted was where the shifter sits, and if so, would you say it is possible for the hollow tube to get stuck there? and how was the condition of your box, at the drive shaft connection?!
  3. Ke20 Gearbox Trouble

    Cheers, took out the gearbox today, and we found that a cylindrical hollow tube, which is suppose to sit at the gearbox-driveshaft connection had worn out. this thing slides up, probably when braking, and jams the shifter. seems easy to fix, but the tube needs to be made custom, and the new one has to fit tight. we're getting that done. otherwise, the engine is running well, and we're changing the clutch plate.. the car will be back running very very soon. can't wait for that!
  4. K40 To K50 Gearbox Convertion

    how about the KE20's gearbox? would the K50 bolt straight in?
  5. Ke20 Gearbox Trouble

    owh, that sucks. its quite hard to find a KE35 ~ Ke55 gearbox in Malaysia. i'll continue to search. thanks for the info buddy, i do have the centre console installed, and moving the shifter would spoil the fun in the car..
  6. Ke20 Gearbox Trouble

    guys, would a KE70 stock Gearbox fit into the KE20? i just found one, and might buy it. KE70 Gearbox. is it good?
  7. Ke20 Gearbox Trouble

    thanks guys, all of you. its the same problem. and according to mechanic, we can't repair it.. it is the selector shaft. because i can't shift into any other gear right now.. thank you soo much for the link too.. i'll most probably want a 5 speed. thanks!
  8. well, i've the 1974 Corolla KE-20. Everything inside is still stock, with the 3K motor. the car's gearbox is totally screwed. its stuck on either gear 2 or 3. i cannot change gear. Clutch depressed, engine turned off, i cannot change gear. its not the first time this has happened. the last time it happened, my mechanic took the gearbox out and freed the gear. then it was back to normal again, but it happened again. i know this didn't happen because there was insufficient gear oil, because only 2 weeks before this happened, i changed the gear oil, and it was topped up to optimum level. among the symptoms before this happened was a sound from the gearbox was quite audible. sounded like chain being pulled thru a pulley. and this came up only in high revs. the car can still be driven now, but only in either gear 2 or 3. i can't shift to reverse too. i need help, has anyone faced this problem with the stock gearbox, and solutions for it?! change the gearbox? or can it be repaired? if repaired, what could be done? and if i'd have to change it, what would be the best 5 speed gearbox to fit in? and please explain everything i'd need to do. i have limited knowledge in this issue, and i'd need to make it legal too. the car will be going thru a Malaysian PUSPAKOM change of ownership check as soon as i get it done. ps. i don't want to change the engine. i just love how it sounds!
  9. don't want to start a new thread on this too. My Ke20's gearbox is completely screwed. its stuck on 3rd gear, and i can't free it. not when i step on the clutch, not when the engine is turned off. i can't move the stick too. Some mechanics told me that it might be that the Clutch plate is screwed, but I'm not entirely sure. because i can't move the gear all together. i want to change the gearbox to a 5 speed manual. but I'm not sure which gear box to use, and which will fit?! help or advice guys!