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  1. Anything about? Havnt seen much around
  2. They pop up Yes, but being 30+ years old. you can't just walk into a dealership and say "Hey, i need some Front guards for a KE38!" they are around, i see a few on ebay maybe once every 6 months? if that
  3. ^serious? if so, 90% chance its a reproduction one. KE70 is newer, but even newer guards local would be a mission. If you could buy new guards easy, don't you think half of the owners would buy new ones instead of repairing?
  4. Sure, autobarn sell them, Troll aside, no. you maybe lucky and find NOS one hiding in some horders basement. good luck
  5. if you read on the rim, it says 13x6 .... But yes, some more info is usually good :wub:
  6. Left a reply in the for sale in Tassie section, but just so you get it quickly I'm interested in your Ke55!

  7. Parts Desired:32/36 DGAV weber Your Location:Tassy Contact:Here Need one thats in working condition, its not for a K motor so id rather one not jetted for a 3-4k..... but if i have to i guess ill swap jets Cheers Dan
  8. very likely to go ahead, have you see his last 2 rollas? CA18DET KE30 then a CA18DET KE38 lots of custom work, can't wait to see some progress pics of when you start this mate..
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