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  1. Toy-Yoda

    Youtube Video's

    And that Corona was HILARIOUS Kinda bummed we didn't get any video of the run I took it on, next time maybe.
  2. Toy-Yoda

    Random Photo Thread

    Hunting from Moose ;) Just outside the right of the frame: The nanna KE70 we were taking potshots at :jamie:
  3. Toy-Yoda

    Random Photo Thread

    Volvo's, they're great shooting rigs :P
  4. Toy-Yoda

    The .gif Thread.

    No backstory, just enjoy the randomness.... And I want those lights for my chopper, have backed the company that designed them, just waiting for a final release product..... Also:
  5. Toy-Yoda

    Random Photo Thread

    Because kerbing Datsuns with impunity?