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  1. Posting for a friend, Sr20det 86 tailshaft. $200 ono Ae86 crossmember modified for Sr20det, Price: $250, Condition: Great. Ke70 Quad light conversion Genuine jap bulb carriers. Thailand made grill and outers. OEM Clear corner indicators. Price: $500
  2. Would you consider removing parts to lower the price? Odd question I understand, theres just a hell of a lot there I wouldn't need If I was to purchase it, and I'm sure there would be people chasing bits and pieces.
  3. Got my shit together finally after a few hurdles here and there and I'm back in the ke scene. As some of you know I also own an A31 Nissan Cefiro, its come to a stand still build wise as I can't currently afford the last few components left to finish the project. Said car... So with that out of the way I've knuckled down and began work on the corolla once again. I began this week by fitting my Fender mirrors, Fender braces, front tow hook, and I removed the stock diff assembly and sway bar so that I can install my Whiteline sway bar, and t3 adjustable parts.. I'm also going to be lowering the car a lot more than I had initially intended which should make it look a whole lot cooler. I hope to update more next week.
  4. Hey guys a user here used to make custom Ke70 chin lips, I'm trying to hunt him down in the hope that he still makes them? Does anyone know the user and could help us out? Lip seen below.
  5. Ke70 Panel Van for sale. Year: 1982. Make: Toyota. Model: Corolla. Mainly looking for swaps on a decently modified track/street drifter. SUPER KEEN ON AN S13, S14, R32 or 180sx. Swap considered vehicles must be of equal or more value. Will also consider swaps for modified 4age ke70 sedans. Price: $7000 o.n.o Location: Noosa. No RWC or Rego. 2 seater 2 door wagon. Engine conversion is mod plated! Modifications are as follows: 4age 16v small port engine. EMS Stinger V4 ECU. Hurricane 2 1/4" straight through exhaust, with hot dog. TRD extractors. T Series diff with TRD two way center. Lift pump runs to surge tank. Bosch 044 fuel pump. TRD gear nob. Kyb rear shocks, mated to reset leafs with load leaf added to stiffen up rear. AE86 front struts with pedders lowered springs. XT130 Lower control arms. Toyota Camry slotted front rotors and callipers. Heavy duty rear sway bar. OMP deep dish steering wheel and boss kit. T3 adjustable strut brace. Sony head unit installed, with 4x kicker speakers. Grey marine carpet fitted from the back of the seats, to the rear door. Custom vinyl panels fitted to van interior from seats back. UNINSTALLED: Fresh black moulded carpet from jap land.. Super dark tint all round. Fresh immaculate 2pac metallic dark olive green respray. Absolutely no rust.. I LITERALLY MEAN NOT ONE SPECK! The bad: Heater unconnected. Needs a new speedo sensor. Needs new temperature sensor. This car is neat, clean, reliable and extremely fun. Runs extremely well and has been well maintained. Fresh motor oil and oil filter done last week!
  6. Anyhow, here is what you guy's have been waiting for.. My tarago diff and altezza center arrived late last week, they will be assembled and powder-coated when I am home, then they will be fitted to the car.. (in my images below you will notice the rear wheels don't fill my bolt on flares, the diff will solve that and they will soon fit flush) So I finished cutting my rear door cards and sprayed them black, fitted them to the car and they turned out great in my opinion.. Here is a quick internal view before I resprayed the interior, you'll also see a sneak peak of my cage, it has to be sprayed and bolted in properly, but it should be awesome. I then cut and modified my ae86 CBY flares, sprayed them black, siliconed rubber lining to the edge and fitted them to the car. They turned out wicked too! Also you may notice my new wheels, I'm unsure of if I uploaded photos of them earlier, but yeah if not here they are! 15x8-10, 15x10-24 Superlite GTR-D's. You'll also notice the "Ke70" plates, I purchased them for this car and just momentarily fitted them to the green panno.. They should be the final piece to the puzzle, and help achieve everything I was chasing when starting this build once the car is on the road.. I also cut and fit a sunroof, took a fair bit of effort and a heap of time to get the measurements and positioning correct, but that also turned out great! I removed the sub and amp setup from the boot, and decided to try something completely different.. I resprayed my sub and fitted it in the rear firewall. Any how, all thats left to do on the car is fit my rear diff assembly, have a custom tail shaft made up, my motor needs to be assembled and lastly but not least the car needs to go to in for a respray (same colour, unfortunately I moved it outside for a while, bark, leaves and sticks fell on-top of it and sap leaked all over the car, its impossible to clean off) while the car is there they will be cutting and welding tub's into my engine bay and respraying the bay candy apple red.. I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier but the guy who I took my motor and all parts to ended up being dodgy, he sent my parts off to all sorts of people all over the shop after I payed him large sums of money and disappeared, I have since spent 8 months tracking down my motor and parts, and have actually had to buy back my parts from those who he gave them to.. So soon enough they will be back in my possession and the motor will be assembled.
  7. Shittt! Its been a while whats every one up to? Any how, some good news, my motor is built, finished and purs like a deformed lion.. The car has been taken to a work shop where they will be mod plating the entire car for everything, the engine bay is getting tubbed, the car will be engineered completely, and it will receive a full engine bay respray, and full exterior respray.. I got some new hell wide superlight wantanabe look a-likes, and ordered some more little bits and pieces from techno style tuning.. Got some brand new bride gias fixed back genuine, that ill install also. The car will be back in my hands in 4 weeks, where I will have one week home to get everything bolted in and the car running.. So on that note, ill post a decent size update with pics in a few weeks.. Get excited as the ETA for completion is 6 weeks!
  8. MAKE AN OFFER! Hey guys, I have decided to go with a half cage in my ke70, meaning I will no longer need rear seats.. So I'm selling mine, now instead of just selling the rear seat, I have decided to sell the full set.. Items: Fully Rebuilt, Re-Foamed, Re-lined and Re-upholstured back seat (Ke70/Ae71) - Black Leather. Monza Limited Pu Bucket Seats, Adjustable back, brand new, Re-upholstured. - Black Leather. These seats are unreal, not only are they all super comfortable, but they look great, I had them professionally re-upholsured up here on the coast a couple of months ago, and they have just sat in my Ke untouched ever since (Build isn't finished, reason for seats not being used - Car not being driven).. I paid 580 to have the rear seat re-done, and I purchased the front seats new for 500 each, then paid 700 to have them both re-upholstured.. I would love to have them up for 2k, but I know nobody would be willing to pay that, although the quality and general of the appearance of the seats is unreal.. Location: Sunshine Coast. Condition: Brand New, un-used. Price: 1200 or best offer Cheers.
  9. Hey there guys, I'm looking to achieve more lock out of my Ke70, so far Ive done the following steering modifications.. T3 - Front Lower Control Arms. T3 - Tension Control arms. T3 - Outer Tie rods. T3 - Ae86 Power Steering arms. But I'm still looking to gain more, so i'm wandering what possible steering rack swaps are out there with the use of the stock ke70 engine crossmember? Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thanks!!
  10. Dead post, please delete.. Useless to everyone and anyone..
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