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  1. Put it and so what needs to be done! I assume it would be a case two L brackets with a hole drilled in for lower mounts Bolted or welded to rad support. Top mounts I would get some s13/14/15 ones and if your lucky height wise you could bolt them to the top KE30 S14 radiator is going to be like 150% the size of a KE30 so unless you're cutting metal 1/2 of its will be covered
  2. Damn! Was ready to type but you boys have it covered That dumb squarish plug tricks so many people!
  3. Bought a 4 door one of these the other day, has climate control and other fancy stuff. No Corolla though, keep falling into the more power trap.
  4. My s14 came with those wheels. They are not fun to put on with the locating style nuts.
  5. One of the pins on my fuel pump wiring was loose so It would drop a lot of voltage from the vibrations of the car. Idles now but hunts a lot, we pulled the throttle body off and are going to proper delete IACV as he never filled the hole Thanks a lot Reed! Will check the timing gear if any issues persist after this.
  6. Vac leak is just a hose with a bolt shoved in the end. Haven't adjusted the TPS will do it this afternoon! Are bigport and smallport specs the same? I'm not sure if he has touched the idle will also confirm this afternoon.
  7. Hey boys Wired up a Small port ae92 4AGE into a friends KE70 and I'm having this weird issue. It turns on really quickly as it should and idles really well at about 1000rpm ( Definitely one vacuum leak) but slowly deteriorates after about a minute. It used to idle for as long as we liked (10mins+) but had alternator issues at the time Also the car stalls almost immidiately after opening the throttle body more than like 2mm's I assume its a wiring or sensor issue but I'm not sure and It won't seem to idle long enough for diagnostics mode Have checked so far: 2 different MAP sensors The timing is fine Battery is being charged at ~14volts TPS unplugged made little to no difference There is fuel pressure and can hear fuel pumps Runs on all 4 cylinders Any recommendations as I am a bit stuck for idea at the moment?
  8. +1 one for Powered by Max, If I get another Corolla its what I'll be doing http://www.partsshop...com/page.php?28 Base height coilovers allow you to adjust the height of the car without effecting how much travel it has
  9. I don't know how you boys answer these questions every time.
  10. Give Hilux motors a look if your keen on N/A and not the usually 4AGE or 3SGE beams 2RZ-FE / 3RZ-FE or the Newer 2TR-FE Lots of these motors around. All around 160hp lots of power in low rpm and loads of torque Plus I'm sure there is already tonnes prep'd for LPG
  11. Could be worth borrowing someones ecu to try? Have heard of ecu's giving up the ghost in Nissan land. Sell me your car
  12. It says you're in Brisbane, Autobarn Slacks Creek has biggest instock range of any store I've seen.
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