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  1. Lol... the only thing that takes up space between the tubbs is the fuel tank.
  2. The CMEFRY corolla is in the final stages of getting its new blown motorsports WA built engine. 👍
  3. Love your style!!! Painting engine bay so can put the new motor in. :)
  4. Gave it a wash today..time to get few things painted. :P
  5. Plan to use and abuse it like it was built for.. :) Rather listen and feel the power of supercharged methonal V8 goodness! Thanks
  6. Nope,family and work will do that to you. :)
  7. So I thought it was about time I jumped on here and shared my car...I bought it in mid 2012,put it straight into storage and its been sitting covered in dust since..needed a bit of work and kind of got side tracked.. yeah crazy I know.. :) So think its time to fix her up bit and enjoy her.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm looking for ke10 rear tail lights and the front driving lights and surrounds under front headlights...anything considered tho must be in good condition..thankyou
  9. hi guys, anyone know where i can get overrated ke10 tail light from???? hope someone can help? thanks
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