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  1. decoop

    Marks Rt81

    Love this thing. Hope mine looks as good in a couple of months.
  2. Well as the story goes, I literally just get it registered and circumstances have changed. So much to my disgust I have to part with my ute. 1964 toyota crown ute, 2lt inline 6 w5x 5 speed (alloy bellhousing), both of which it is registered with. Twin thermos, new radiator and water pump, reco 350 holley, new brakes and brake hoses. Pearl blue steering wheel, cd player, amp and speakers. A fair few battle scars for a 50 year old car but no rust. Only things missing are a couple of stainless trims and rear tailgate handle which i am currently trying to source. Runs extremely well and comes with a roadworthy and 12 months reg. Located in portarlington victoria. $8000 ono. Ph:0408892734. Call for more pics and info.
  3. Would anyone have a measurement between the chassis rails from the center of each bolt on a ke10?
  4. Found more on stanceworks with all suspension pics. This thread needs updating. Very interesting read.
  5. I have 3 sets of hubcaps that have just been lying around, so time to offload them. I have a set of ms65 crown hubcaps in reasonable condition. Couple of dents. A set of rt81? Hubcaps, couple of dents, could be fixed. And lastly a set of ke3x hubcaps, in awesome condition. As I have to set a price I'll say $150ono for the lot. Located in portarlington victoria. 0408892734 for more pics
  6. Does anyone know the name and/or paint code for this colour? This was my old rolla and I'd like to paint my current one the same colour. Done heaps of interweb searching but no mention of an orange (probably not even what it's called). Thanks in advance.
  7. I know you sold this but, Do you happen to remember the pin size for the lowering blocks? And how'd you go finding a tailgate handle? I need one for my ute.
  8. Yeah either Nathan Allen - CMEFRY or Mick Brasher - ULEGAL can lay claim to that title, but seeing as though nath's selling his i'd say brashers got it. Just my 2 cents :harhar:
  9. Found this on ebay a few weeks ago, xt130 with a 202 and trimatic. Looking at doing something similar myself for a bit of fun.
  10. Sorry guys, knitted rug stays with me.
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