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  1. I just got a (smaller than that one)duke mate. Things are hella fun..! And how is this sexy beast goin? Ready for the warmer months? Been a while
  2. Already ordered a sht tonne of parts, an extended +13 cm swingarm like this A black headlight bucket Clubman bars And Black Risers 35mm and black left and right side covers Gonna build her, initially, like my last monkey, The Zucati Lil Monsta
  3. So I got one.... A Tony Elliott Copy of a Gorilla Went with one of these as they are complied with the 125cc out of the box, plus the frame is 5cms longer for larger/longer engines, have the 10" wheels and front and rear discs and some cool aftermarket goodies, Shocks, Yoshi pipe(tho the label is probably the only genuine yoshi part..lol),custom front brake lever and reservoir, among some other cool things I can't think of right now. These are still available, brand new for under $2.5k through Tonelli's website and some other dealers around Australia. http://www.tonelli.c...es-gorilla-bike But he isnt bringing any more in, has canceled his ADR stuff, so what is here, is all he is has(under the Tonelli brand), you may still be able to get the Skyteam version, not sure. This one here, I got for $1.3k through the FB Z50 page as he was desperate
  4. Thanks mate..! Yeah loving it..! Tho, after that ride, I got the itch for another Lil Zed LOL
  5. Put the big fat(read:comfy) seat back on for the Monkeybike club cruise over the weekend did approx 350 kms return on her(at 80kph avg..lol) Getting ready to leave for the ride down Jolly's Lookout This poor Z50A kept breaking down But she got sorted in the end Just in time for a gorgeous green and black Z50 to blow her engine up...can't find a pic.. JBomb's sexy beast all packed and ready to go home Most of the guys trailered their bikes to the meet. I rode down and back, having a blast....! People cheering and laughing at me along the highway lol
  6. Springer seat half fitted to Post Mortem. Not sure if a fan...
  7. Dojo Stormed the new boys in town, on Post Mortem. Place was locked up tight. Someone warned them I was coming #‎postiebike #‎ct110 #‎ct110postie #‎dojostorm #‎harleydavidson #‎darlingdownsharleydavidson
  8. Ordered some bar end mirrors, from Third Gear, like these: Express Posted as the old ones don't fit these custom bars, so am riding with none.... Also ordered a Springer Seat Kit like this one: Regular mail, so I expect it end of next week, at the earliest....
  9. Some better pics of the bars and bike this pic showing arm/hand position. Pretty happy with it
  10. haha yeah mate..! Bars fitted last night. ran out of light to take any decent pics, so did this sneaky shot at work this morning Went down to Platzy at Independent Motorcycle Wreckers and rumbled through his cables and brake lever/adjusters to find something that worked. Found that XR 350 cables are the perfect length and bolt straight up. SCORE!! Now, I had extended the wiring myself, paying extra caution to make sure they were all matched correctly, doing one wire at a time, BUT When I tried the indicators, turning right, the right rear would work, no front And when I tried the left, Both rears would work(like hazard lights in a car would) and the front worked.. Was worried i had stuffed something or crossed something up with my wiring.... Thought I'd test the Indicator's resistors first, as I was sure I did the wiring correctly.. And sure enough, 1 wasnt working at all....... Re-soldered the wire coming out of it, and BAM! all sorted..thank the Gods.. So, front brake works like a charm, Wiring all works now. Just need to mount the mirrors somehow... Will take some better pics of the bars themselves when i can
  11. Yeah mate. Was scary at times... And, Just got the call, the Bars are ready to be picked up from the Powder Coaters. Can't get there til tomorrow tho. Will upload pics when I can
  12. Now, I had a vision of how she was going to look, Ape hangers, suicide shifter, whitewalls. So, was time to look for bars. Wasnt happy with any of the local or 'ebay' stuff, so we decided to make some based on this pic These cost about 300AUD landed, so for about 40 bucks worth the steel(left overs from my mate's making roll cages), and we got into it Test fit prior to full weld and Gussetts fitted Very happy with how they turned out. Off to the powder Coaters tomorrow Then extend the cable and wiring.
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