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  1. 4a to w bellhousing came with gearbox when i bought it believed to one from the Philippines (toycoolrolla) $450 OPEN TO OFFERS ALSO
  2. hey, I'm after a 7a flywheel or something to fit a 4ac that's 212mm. really need it by this weekend, possibly with pressure plate. not looking to spend heaps as its just a temp solution to get my manual in.. located 20mins south of Brisbane. but if you can express post from somewhere else. would be great. just shoot me a pm.
  3. As above. looking for some ae86 hubs, send me a pm. I'm located 30 mins south of brisbane.
  4. Hey, are you willing to split the gearbox, bellhousing and all the other things for the gear box from the engine ?
  5. hey you still got the ae86 steering knuckles for sale, if so are they power steering or non. thanks Regards, Adam.D
  6. hey still got it for sale ? is so. pics ?
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