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  1. Anyone in Perth, should go and have a chat with Ken and see this in the flesh... No picture does that paint justice. And I really dig the stripes. Didn't think I would, but yeah... it works so well.
  2. What PCD on Centerline lookalikes? Interested if 4x110 and willing to do depot to depot via e-go... May want Advans too if we can work out a deal.
  3. To confirm, they are 4x110? Or 114.3? Ke25 should be 4x110...
  4. Giggling my ass off at all the people talking about height when the question is about width... :P
  5. Width wise, as wide as you friggin want... Provided the track isn't widened by more than 20mm (I think that's the figure) Have to remember to go in as much as you go out, which is difficult since suspension components get in the way... So that's what your limits are... Physical, rather than legal
  6. Pure... American... Car... PORN!!! If you're into like, bestiality and stuff... Or you watched 'Two girls, one cup' more than once...
  7. Might pay to update your first post... What front damper do these run to remain captive?
  8. Well, had a fail with the KE15, since the Auto is going to be a complete pain to swap over. So it's looking like I'll be pulling her back out until she's ready for manual conversion, and more serious engine built for her. I got another T18, which means my parts hauler (the roughest body of all the T18s) will be getting straightened up, and converted for 1MZ power... Not going to waste a better shell on drifting, but will save it for a spare, on the certain chance we'll bend the other one. 1MZ is ticking along nicely... Doing up the bellhousing, now the office is set up inside, and I got my computer working properly! Next tool buy will be an oxy welder, so I can heat and bend the engine mounts ready to be welded up... Then we find out how well we measured up our dummy mounts. Fingers crossed it all goes in straight, with the right angles. Desperately trying to get the wrecking shells finished off so they can make room for the missus T18. And need to get her an engine stand and strip down bench so she can keep all her engine parts consolidated. Got her a nice 2T-C head that came off a Celica rally car that ran relatively successfully in the 80s, so on a 3TC block, with twin side draughts... she should be a pearler... This will be a week of lots of hands on, and hopefully a few pics to throw up here...
  9. All I can say... at least he spelled TRD right...
  10. Well, had some success in the shed today. Finally got sick of the rain, and picked a long enough gap in the weather, dragged the celica out, spun the T18, pulled about 5 spare engines out of the way, and stuck the KE15 in... Results... My daughter's car (KE15) is out of the weather, the T18 is in position to push on with the 1MZ conversion, and I've given myself about 6x3m spare area to build the missus' 3TC high comp Ethanol engine...
  11. Easy way to go EFI, is do a 2TGEU head conversion... Comes with EFI. Other thing that can be done getting half of one of these... http://www.compperformancegroupstores.com/store/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=IN&Category_Code=XFIEightStackSystems It uses a side draught weber style, but downwards. Have a chat with these dudes, and let them know what you want to do, get hold of a side draught weber manifold, bolt on, and enjoy.
  12. Yeah, there's not much you can say to a 1:1 power to weight ratio... 1200odd hp in a 1200odd kg car... WIN
  13. My efforts to re-arrange this home of awesome was thwarted over the past few days. Bloody raining here... I got a trailer load of 3T engines and various T18 bits dropped off that I need to sort through, but can't take anything out side to sort!!! Should be nice and clear today with some luck. Seriously considering pulling out the T18/1MZ and dropping an engine into the KE15 over the weekend... Will probably shift it into the drive behind the T18 and do it there...
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