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  1. So update on this KE15. It was not possible to import the car into California so it has changed hands. It's now back on the road and being well looked after by Matt Jordan who is part of the TECCWA club.
  2. I do love watching this build... I hope they don't crash it first time out!
  3. Just caught up on this thread... loving how little rally car building there is Don't ever change!
  4. I know all :) It's a friend of mine and he's moving (to California from memory) shortly, taking the car with him. Yup, it's for his daughter's "second" car. Was an absolute steal! I did steal some parts off the 15 but have since returned them :p We were trying to confirm if it is 66 or 67 as 66 would be exempt from their smog laws but the only Toyota s/n register we could find (yes that same one that was floating around RC years ago) was very specific on all the other models but not the KE15. It just listed the VIN bracket as 66/67... no help at all. I will make sure I stay in touch and keep track of the car :)
  5. I believe this made it's way over to Perth and is now about to make it's way over to America...
  6. I couldn't help myself, I had to open the box just once... When I put the lid back on I some how snapped one mirror. It's still attached but dangling :(
  7. Thanks guys :D Chobis... I already broke one of the wing mirrors :(
  8. ... I hadn't logged in for about a year. The RC Facebook page is constantly active, just much easier to use. Sadly the forum is now more of a tech data archive for me.
  9. So... I haven't been keeping this updated, apologies. Just looking at where I left off and so many things have happened. She now has a fully functioning 67 column switch and steering wheel (all in perfect stock condition). About 6 months ago I took her back off the road with engine problems. It turns out she had done the rings on one cylinder. I picked up a cheap 4k and proceeded to spend $1k getting it in and "running"... only to find out it was a dud. Note to self, always start with a compression test! I then decided to bite the bullet and send the 5k off for a full rebuild, not a cheap process. While she was getting rebuilt I had everything painted back to stock 67 colours (block, sump and fittings). We ended up fitting the engine the day before the Mighty Car Mods Perth meet... and she made it to the meet! She's now getting me to work and back every day. Not without issues (lumpy cam and Toyoglide... fun times) but she's going ok. I took her out to Toyota WA's show and shine on the weekend... and managed to take best in show!! It's not a journey that ever ends but it's getting there :)
  10. Fantastic!! I'm now using 67Rolla as my daily. It's a great feeling to finally get some use out of her! The stone chips bugged me at first but I've accepted they will happen... badge of honor for being driven!
  11. Fantastic! I wondered if this thing was still being driven. So good to see it on the road!
  12. Well done Tommy! Sorry for the late response, I haven't been checking RC that often lately.
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