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  1. http://www.accuspark.co.uk/Blackbox.htm ^^These are good, and easy to install/setup.
  2. How are you finding the sound deadening?
  3. Besides the tuning dilemma, you must be pretty stoked! The car is a real credit to your ability. As blzbud said, its a class example of function/form. It has my vote for COTY :2thumbs:
  4. If your keen to have a go treating the tank yourself, POR15 have a sealer. know a few people who have used it and been happy with the result. http://www.por15.com/POR-15-Fuel-Tank-Sealer_p_64.html
  5. Project Binky - Episode 9 - Austin Mini GT-Four -…:
  6. Ive heard drilling a hole in the centre of the shear bolt and then hammering in a hex bit that is slightly bigger than the hole works pretty good. Or just be careful and use a centre punch. Once its lose you can use a pencil with an eraser on the end to remove it
  7. FYI these are 1 1/2" HS4's. You can also mount the 1 3/4" HS6 or later HIF44 (has integrated float bowl) on the linx manifold but it would have to be ported to match the larger Dia.
  8. What a beauty. Where did you get the stripes and numbers done, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Love this show. it seems pretty genuine. I watched them all on youtube, dunno how much longer they will be up, stuff like that usual gets taken off. The auction episode was pretty intense! Being a mini owner, i loved to downton Cooper episode. They really are the holy grail in the mini world!
  10. Looks like a really nice car. The best part about owning a 'rough' car is that you are not afraid to really use it and have fun. Ive got a mini that some time down the line will need some work, but its just too fun getting out on some slippery dirt roads! RE seats, something like these would be awesome! http://minisport.com.au/mini-bucket-seata-black-vinyla-no-headrest-low
  11. Its sort of Toyota related, but this is a youtube series ive been following with a bunch of others on ausmini.com, If you like a bit of fabrication work, and some english humour, its right up your ally. Looks like its going to be a beast when its done. https://www.youtube....onmsport/videos
  12. JimL

    Iron Steed

    awesome, love the clean bobber style. How is it finding a cb these days? they seem to be a very popoular model to turn into a cafe racer
  13. Yep same with me, lurk a lot and thoroughly enjoy reading all the build threads, but I don’t bother posting because I don’t have a heap of technical knowledge to contribute. The Ute is looking mad btw, very unique.
  14. JimL

    Bug Reports

    Just realized .gif images are not functional as avatars? is it deliberate or did it occur with the upgrade a few months ago?
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